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NSX Decals

16 May 2023
Hello I'm new to the platform here and just have a question. Does anyone know where I could get some NSX decals for the brake calipers? I just purchased a used '17 and the previous owner painted the calipers black and didn't add the decals back to the calipers. So I'm trying to source some to add. Google wasn't a huge help.
are your brakes steel or carbon?
The previous owner of my 2017 NSX painted the calipers black and all i was left with were black calipers, and I wanted the lettering to go back on the calipers like stock. So I was in search of the letters NSX in the same shape/form/angle as stock, without purchasing a whole new set of calipers just to have the letters. I have the steel rotors.
stickers and hot calipers are not a good long term relationship
Supposedly this is this company's thing is high temp decals for calipers. But I've got multiple one's so if I start to see degradation or signs I'll remove.
If you see signs say hello to M Night Shyamalan..:p