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NSX for sale thread deleted

26 February 2006
California Republic
So I put up the ad. Put in the normal bits of information but forgot to add a price. And I mention it is an ad for a friend who is not on prime, seems ok since it's been done in the past. However it is not ok apparently and my post got deleted, commented as "have owner post the car for sale".

Problem is, my friend is basically computer illiterate and doesn't know how to deal with people over the web. Also, to have him post it would still mean actually having ME post it for him still since I know the car better than he does.

Sooooooo, I figure alright that's fine, probably is in the rules. So I click the link for rules and.... it's not.

So is this a new unwritten rule or is a rule being enforced that doesn't exist?
I don't know, but I think I am going to sell your car.:biggrin:
Why doesn't your friend place an ad with Autotrader and then you can post a link to it without having to jump through the hoops here on Prime.
Because he knows how to browse the web but that's about it. He doesn't even have an email address.

He actually did have a friend post an ebay auction for him and I placed a link, but knowledge about the car is more accurate coming from me. I can also vouch for the car versus a stranger on ebay.
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posting a friends car is ok as long as it is disclosed that it is someone elses car. the price is required. ask one of the moderators to review the situation.