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NSX gear oil

27 October 2000
olathe, KS
I was checking out the FAQ and didn't see the recommended gear oil? Do we need it for the NSX. I am planning on purchasing a bunch of redline stuff so if the NSX need it, I will purchase everything together.

Redline MT90

Keep in mind that MT-90 has approximately the viscosity of 10W40 motor oil. Okay for warm climates, but 10W30 (or Redline MTL) would be better for most other places.

I agree with Lud. I've now used synthetic 10W30, Redline MTL, and Honda manual transmission fluid, and noticed no difference at all among the three. I'm now sticking to the Honda stuff.
I strongly recommend you do NOT use Redline in your NSX tranny.

I switched from Honda's MTF to Redline and within a few weeks my shifter started getting tougher to get into gear. Soon it was downright nasty. Mark Basch can attest to this, he took the car for a spin to see what was wrong.

I switched back to Honda MTF and the problem went away & the shifting has been great ever since.

I am a Redline fanatic by the way.. I've run Redline Water Wetter & their tranny fluid in all my cars since around 1989. But, Redline's tranny fluid does not work great in all trannies, and at least for my NSX it performed quite poorly.

There's also been a lot of talk about Redline's tranny fluids causing premature wear compared to other fluids.

Stick to Honda's fluid...

I think Comptech actually specifies Redline for people running their 4.55 R&P.

I still use the Honda fluid in my stock gearbox. If I ever have a problem with it I might switch, but it has worked well for me so far.