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NSX-GT at South Coast Acura

11 October 2007
Chino Hills
I've been on the look-out for the new '09 Acura TL promo poster, calling everyone and their mothers. My search still continues, but I just found out from South Coast Acura is that the NSX-GT will be coming to SCA for a car and driver shoot in a few weeks. Hopefully this will coincide with the monthly SCA meet. What about it guys, welcoming party for the NSX-GT???
WHAT? :eek:
nsx type R GT????
the white one?

no, that's the NSX-R GT. I believe they told me it was the 500+ HP model limited to only 8 produced.


I think it may be the NSX-R GT, but I'm going off of what they said. Either way, it would be awesome.
i thought u were talking about the white JDM nsx-R GT. the one cost half million. ha anyway
i remember that one. but how can they make 500 HP on nsx.
turbo or supercharge? dont tell me it's NA.

i would like to see it.