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NSX Harrop HTV 1900 custom supercharger kit 564 WHP

18 June 2018
New Lower Price. $1500 without ECU. This kit was custom made by prime member Mark911. This was his final version he built for his car as he was a engineer with CNC equipment in his garage.

The kit was designed to sit on top of the intake manifold like a GroupM supercharger. The air was cooled through a monster intercooler which was mounted in the trunk and fed back into the throttle body.

Marks final dyno run was at 564WHP.

I would recommend getting rid for the large intercooler and going with the the SOS intercooler which sits behind the quarter panel and does not require you to chop up your trunk.

I’m including the front mount heat exchanger with the brackets which bolt to the tow hook locations in the front of the car.

The water reservoir and pump which mount where the spare tire would reside.

The Harrop TVS1900 Supercharger with 90mm TB, supercharger pulley, and crank pulley

Aluminum brackets which hold the supercharger, Billet bracket for idler pulleys, intake tube which bolts to the supercharger, new supercharger belt.

Intake filter and Coupling

Monster Intercooler with charge pipes

modified fuel rail to flow more fuel. AN6 fittings on 3 of the sides

AEM EMS series 1 tuned for 1000cc injectors and 9.5 to 1 compression pistons. 564 WHP

Im open to offers but I’m starting the price at $2500 with the ECU or $2000 without it. The kit is as and additional bolts and hardware will be required.
Shipping and PayPal fees will be at the buyers expense.

I have included pictures of the kit as I have it now in the garage and pictures of it installed when Mark911 had it along with its dyno graph.

Feel free to text or call me at (530) 999-8756

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The ctsc doesn't have an intercooler. I would just either reroute the piping, dump the ic, and/or just reset the SC to a lower profile with a filtered intake.

It's a minor project well worth the delta.
This supercharger is definitely for the person willing to reroute the intercooler and does not mind the supercharger sitting up high. In turn someone will get a huge bang for their buck at this price point.
Last price drop before I sell the supercharger unit on its own on eBay and discard the rest of the kit.
$1500 including shipping and PayPal fees to lower 48 states.shipping is more then likely a $200 value based on size and weight of these parts.
Definitely a great deal, the supercharger alone was worth the asking price. Sounds like it’s going to a good home in SoCal at least ����