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NSX history question, need your expert advice!!

28 August 2001
carrolltown pa us
Hello,I was told that the NSX came in purple a few years? Is this true? If so does anyone know what years, and how many were made? Also, if anyone has a picture of one in purple or knows were i can go to look at one, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Donny
It was called Midnight Pearl and was available on 95 and 96 only.

Todd Arnold

I have a pic from Canyonball Run IV of one posted on my NSX site. Unfortunately the color from the lab was a bit off, so I had to color correct it from memory

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Part of the problem is that it doesn't always appear as a single color. Depending on the lighting, it's often very easy to mistake it for black. In sunlight, you can usually (but not always) see that it's purple.
Just image a titty dancer's nail polish. Same color.

i KNEW i'd seen that color somewhere before...i just couldn't place it! thanks for the reminder ;>)