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NSX in Popular Science

23 October 2000
Saint Augustine, FL
The latest issue on stands now has an article on FORZA MOTORSPORT - MS new racing game. They compared real cars to the game around Road Atlanta. It is a good read. Anyway, they got a "gamer" and "professiona race car driver" to lap in both the real world and track. The "gamer" is a 28y/o but I cannot remember his name. He is a NSX owner though. 1991 with mods. Maybe someone here knows who it is.

The NSX in real life ran about the same time as a C6, but the EVO creamed them both. 1:45 NSX 1:42 EVO. The racer also said the C6 brakes were not performing well and the tires were not in good shape. The Carerra GT ran 1:38 :eek:

Anyway, it was nice to see a NSX in the magazines again.
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Thanks Dave, I was hoping XBOX would have something to compete with GT4.
The game is going to be called FORZA MOTORSPORT.
Microsoft has streaming video of the game here:


Release date looks like May 5, 2005

Looks like the NSX is the cover photo!
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If anyone has this issue of Popular Science, can you post a scan of the article? Thanks