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NSX insurance

30 July 2001
Sunset Beach, CA
Just got back from the insurance company, and checked out what a policy would be on a '92 NSX here in SoCal. Thought I'd offer up the info to any interested parties. I found a good local price by using lowestpremium.com - good site. They called me within 3 hours of posting my info.

For reference, I'm 22 years old, and live in a beach town - a tad cheaper to insure than if you live in downtown LA. The company that came up was Encompass Insurance, for a 12-month term, costing $2332.00 for full coverage.

This covers a bunch of stuff (rental car costs, towing, etc) but is an average price on what you could expect to pay out here...

Just thought I'd share my findings
That's not a bad rate at all for full coverage. I had Geico at $180 per month until State Farm came along and told methey specialize in insuring sports cars. I'm paying $140/month now with my 7 year good driver at 23.
I pay $510 per year six months driving six months storage from American Family with a multi car discount clean record 43 years old.
150 a for USAA full coverage with 250 deducts. I'm 22, with past tickets, living in socal. The 150 also includes insurance for my FZR600 motorcycle.
Im going to get an NSX real soon and have researched with my current Insurance company (State farm) what the rates would be. Im 25 years old, with no infractions and have been driving for only 4 years (Me non US Citizen or Permanent resident). I live in Sterling Heights, MI near Detroit and thought my insurance would really be jacked up. Turns out Ill only have to pay 103 a month on full insurance coverage
Im going to get an NSX real soon

Get it in the next couple of months so you can join the 100+ NSX's at NSXPO 2001 in October.

Catch NSXPO when it's in your part of the country like this year, because it's likely to be much further away for the next several years after that.