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NSX on cross country trip - Looking for help in the Denver area

17 November 2007
Raleigh, NC
Hey Prime,

I bought a NSX in Vancouver and I'm driving it back to NC, heading through Denver. The drivers CV boot has started leaking grease and I'm looking for some help in the area. Just a jack, jackstands, and some basic hand tools. We'll be headed through Wednesday.

After doing some searching on prime this seems to be a common issue - the boot is intact, but the grease has turned basically to soup and is leaking out. I did an quick fix a few days ago by removing the clamp, packing more grease in, and re-clamping a little tighter - the factory one was quite loose. Since then the rest of the old grease has kept leaking out, albeit slower. I'd like to clean all the old grease out and repack with new grease. Should get me home, where I can pull the axles and do it right. Anyone available in that timeframe?

I live in Central Denver and will be home Wednesday, June 7th. I have a jack and jack stands and enough hand tools to get you through. Contact me at 303 903 0417