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NSX owners in Savannah, Hilton head area

2 April 2004
Savannah, GA
All the NSX owners in the Savannah, Hilton Head area should try to have a get together somewhere. Who's interested? If we get enough interest I'll try to ifnd us a place to meet.
I'll start putting together a day, time and place and repost later this week. What's better for everyone weekends or weekdays lunch or dinner?
Does the date of August 3rd sound good to everyone? If so lunch or dinner? Oster will be here by then and could join us that day.

Let me know what everyone thinks.
That would be great to have a Charleston group drive down and any others interested. I hope some folks will confirm the date being good and I will find a place for us. If you know some folks in Charleston please pass this on.
OK folks, here is where we stand right now. We are looking to have a late lunch/early dinner at the Crab Shack out at Tybee Island. It's a fun place casual dress outside eating with the specialty being steamed seafood. It looks like Sean has set us up where we all park together in the front. We will get there by a drive that will either start downtown or on I-95 take us down historic Riverstreet and then out Islands expressway to Tybee. If anyone needs a hotel I can probably get you a good rate downtown at a nice hotel. Let me know if you are traveling in and want something. You may also consider staying at Tybee of you want to hit the beach.:biggrin:
Sounds good to me. I look forward to meeting everyone. I guess i'll need to change my screen name, lol since i'm moving to the area.
I guess probably Ga. Nsx Fixer

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Folks I need a head count of how many people and how many cars we are going to have for the restuarant. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are going to make it.

Thanks and see you on the 3rd.:biggrin:
If you are coming from out of town and need a place to stay The Hamilton Turner Inn a bed a breakfast in downtown Savannah will offer a 10% discount of you mention my name (David Rubnitz). Their number is 912-233-1833, the owners name is Jim or Gay Dunlop.
Here is the plan for the day. We all met at the factory outlet stores at highway 204 and I-95. This is the southernmost exit on I-95 into Savannah. We will drive through the southside of town and take the truman parkway downtown. We will drive down Broughton street to MLK and then down to Riverstreet. Off Riverstreet we will take President street/Islands Expressway to Tybee Island where we will drive down the main street (Butler) on Tybee and then through the beach front parking lot street and then head for The Crab Shack for a late lunch/early dinner around 2:15 - 2:30. Sean Murphy is working with the Crab shack for parking and reservations for us to eat. Afterwards (out of towners) people can go to the beach, downtown or head back home in plenty of time.

Oster, Plus 1

Possibly a 3rd person. I should know by this coming Monday for sure about the 3rd person.

Im sorry but I won't be able to make it. My car is currently getting a lil zoom zoom and I won't have it back until the 11th.
For all that can make it please note that we are meeting at the Factory outlet stores at 1:00 PM. The factory outlet stores are at highway 204 and I-95 just off the exit.
The Kaminsky family that owns the local honda/acura dealership and they told me they have some hats for us. I still need to hear from people that want to come if you haven't RSVP'd yet so we have a head count. Right now it looks like we have 7 NSX's coming and my wife is bringing her Mercedes SLK. So 8 cars and around 14 people so far.

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Looks like it will be just me coming.

It's exit 94, though coming from charleston you could take 17 straight down to 516, then veterans parkway down to the bottom end of 204 (abercorn) and it would be a couple miles off that. I try to stay off 95 this time of year, way too many tourists.

Sounds like you guys have a fun day planned, maybe one day I'll get an NSX and join in.
you are welcome to join us we are bringing my wifes mercedes SLK and my kids are driving that while we drive the NSX. It looks like we have 7 NSX's and the mercedes right now. See everyone tomorrow afternoon, if the weather is anything like today we'll have a beautiful day for a drive just a bit hot!

Remember Sunday August 3rd at 1:00 PM at the factory outlet stores just off exit 94 from I-95 and highway 204.

Had a Great time, and nice meeting everyone today, in Savannah. Thanks DRUBY and Sean Murphy for organizing things. Hope to see some pics from the meet on here.
If anyone was to need any service, or anything checked out. The best way to contact me is thru email. [email protected] blasphemy, I know, lol. But i drive a Dodge trk. Or at wrk 912-876-4111 Liberty Tire and Brake in Hinesville.

I'll post a cell # shortly. At&t doesnt have the best service where i am at. So i am looking at possibly changing service, since my AT&T service just finished.

Also you can pm me at Fla Nsx Fixer until i get a chance to change screen names.

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