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NSX pricing in future

16 June 2000
Here's the funny thing, I go to autotrader.com and look up '97 NSX (don't ask why I do these things) and I got a bunch in great shape for about 54K-58K... Am I mistaking, or wasn't the NSX 86K in 1997? So that means in three years the value has dropped 30K! So will this mean, when I'm ready buy an NSX (1997) in 3 1/2 years, I could concievably get one for around 32-35K? Don't blast me guys, just let me know if this makes sense...Remember, the year will be 2004...the new V8 NSX will be out by then...

One day at a time...
I don't agree, it is more like an exponential function, where the price drops massively (esp for 86K vehicle) after you drive it off the lot, but does level out after say 6 years and esp since it is an acura NSX. You would be better comparing it to a 94 today, which runs around 40-45K. That is what I would expect the 97 to be worth in 3-3.5yrs depending on condition. Remember that an 9 yr old 92 (as of Jan 2001) can still bring close to $35K in good shape.
Originally posted by Lee:
it is more like an exponential function, where the price drops massively (esp for 86K vehicle) after you drive it off the lot

I just noticed a slightly used yellow '00 NSX-T with only 2K miles advertised in the L.A. Times Classifieds for $76,500. Don't know what condition it is in...just know its price.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
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Alright then, I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed in the future about pricing...

One day at a time...
A few points to consider...

You ought to be able to get a new NSX for as much as $10K off list.

Prices on '91-92 NSX's have been stable (in the thirties) for the past 4-5 years.
I sold my '94 a little over a month ago and I got in the low 50s for it. It was in flawless condition and had extremely low miles. So within six years the car only depreciated about 20K. If your NSX is in mint condition and has low to average miles, I feel the car more than hold its value, new generation or not. You may want to get a new one during the time the factory gives dealer incentives, such as 10K. You may get as much as 15-20K off sticker at that time. That's what I'm waiting for, but if I see the right color at the dealer I'll probably make a deal right then and there, regardless if there's any incentive or not. I can't really wait too much longer without having a NSX in my garage! Hope this helps.