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NSX R shift boot

2 November 2007
Los Angeles
My car came with the NSX R shift boot, however, the shift boot keeps sagging and does not connect to the shift knob. I noticed on the SOS website, they mentioned the factory shift boot has a retainer ring that can be transferred to the Type R shift boot.

Does anyone know the Acura part number for the retainer ring? I couldn't find it while looking through their online parts catalog.
I know the "standard" OEM shift boot has a zip tie inside it to hold it to the shifter shaft. Perhaps you can take out the console, remove the shift boot assembly and thread a zip tie through the top of the boot where it attaches to the shaft.
It can be done without removing the console. This is from a earlier post i made in another thread where i used washers and a key ring as a boot support. It was for the leather boot but will work for the NSX-R also.

If you can remove the console it is really easy to get from underneath. You will need two washers I believe it is 10mm ID, they need to fit over the threads of the shifter but the hole needs to be small enough that the washer will not go down any farther than the threads (will not fit over the non-threaded part). They should also be about 1" in OD diameter.

Sorry but i am not very good at paint programs. The metal ring is just a 1" diameter key ring. Put 1 washer on down into the boot then do the ring. The ring should be where the tie wrap was originally.

Be very careful not to drop anything into the boot.



The OEM knobs which are intended to be used with this style of knob use a set nut to hold the boot in place, they also have a shift stalk with additional threads, to allow for greater adjustability.

If you go to SOS's website, you can order the 'nsx-r' shift stalk, which is the version with additional thread. You can order the set nut from your Acura dealer, I think its around $3, and is a part from a 2004/2005 nsx.
A large rubber band will fix this. Keep looping it around the stalk until it's thick and then bring the neck of the boot over it using a small, thin object like a shoe horn (a butter knife works for this). Doesn't look as classy as the ring but the boot won't sag anymore and will be flush with the knob. Easy, cheap fix. :wink:
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