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NSX-R Transmission for sale

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1 August 2008
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This is a 5 speed built by Nick at Applied Motorsports - one of the most meticulous NSX engine and tranny builders around. This trans really wakes up any NSX, especially one with mild modifications. There is about 35k miles on this trans. It runs smooth, no leaks, no issues.

NSX R 4.23 final drive (ring and pinion)
JDM Short Gears (1st-4th gear)
NSX R loading on the LSD



Forgive the peeling VIN sticker. This has been in and out of my car a couple of times and the donor trans wasn't exactly perfect either. I've had this trans for over 8yrs but it's been mostly in storage. I had it in the car for most of Covid 2020 until now. It was removed for a built 6 speed which went in this week.

I haven't had time to clean this properly so don't mind the dust/grease. She's emptied out and ready to be picked up. Prefer local pickup if possible. Can probably deliver it anywhere between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.

EDIT: apologies, title might be misleading. this is NOT a 5 spd from an NSX-R. This is a 5 spd built to NSX-R Specification.


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To anyone reading this, plugging that barcode into a barcode scanner site (onlinebarcodereader.com) returns the value "1000641" which is NOT in snap ring range, so buy with confidence. (snap ring could be problematic from 1003542 to 1005978)
You sir, are the man! Thank you!

I should probably mention that Nick goes over everything during a build. When this was built, all the wear items (bearings, shims, synchros, etc) were changed to new and surfaces were measured for clearances. It's a solid tranny but like with all NSX trannys, it will last a long time if not abused.
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