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NSX-R Zippo Lighter sold on eBay

13 September 2000
Tulsa, OK
Wondering who else in the community was bidding and who ended up winning the NSX-R Zippo Lighter that was up for grabs yesterday. I bowed out around the $200 bones mark and saw that it went all the way to $260. It sold for much more than I expected so I'm pleasantly surprised.


So who's the lucky winner? ;)
I was watching that auction, was going to bid at the end but when it went over 100 bucks I thought no way, but sombody paid 260 for it. Wow, just wow.
.........but its jdm boooouy.....:tongue:
$260 is mere peanuts to you ballers! I only know of a handful of owners of the Zippo lighter. I'm sure many owners don't think it's a big deal but they're fairly rare. To be sure, this amount is the highest I've seen for the lighter though.
Group bid.....................
just needs to be gpw...........
I gave up early on in the auction too. I wonder if a Primer won. Who ever did had a huge feedback score!
From the research I've read, Zippo made 1,000. No idea how many are in circulation now though.

If interested, there are a couple of online sources (or were during the auction) that had them for sale at around the $200 mark. Just google search.

* = Caveat emptor, there is a fair chance that your purchase from this individual may never be fulfilled. The fair chance increases exponentially should you ever question the status of your purchase. Therefore, the $95 you spent is better invested in financial products by Madoff and Stanford or water spanning infrastructures in Brooklyn.
Would you be interested in one without being numbered? I could probably produce some but i won't put the authenticity mark on. Working on something else now so it would be a little while.

Japanese zippos like that are made of sterling silver, that is why their zippo starts around 100 bucks.