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NSX sale on Prime Local knowledge help

25 September 2002
My buddy is seriously considering THIS NSX located in the Baltimore area. Anyone know this NSX?

Thanks in Advance,

That looks like a great NSX. The seller seems to be a good guy. I was talking with him about his yellow supercharged NSX he sold just recently,but somebody got it before I had my chance.

One question I'd ask about this particular NSX is what appears to be paintwork on the nose. If you look at the lower front valance, you will see the the vertical bars used to hold up the center bar in the bumper are painted. These are black from the factory. It could be that the nose was painted due to rock chips, but its something you might ask about.
I saw this car in person about a month ago, I purchaced some rims from him. The car was really clean except that it had alot of rock chips on the hood & he touched it up & it was really noticable. I dont really remember the front bumper part maybe because of the lighting shinning from the overhead. My car also has some rock chips but you have to have your face about a foot from it to see it. You can really see his rock chips on the hood cause there was so many & it was touched up. I was looking at the pictures but I dont see them.