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NSX Search

5 August 2001
Camp Lejune,NC,USA
I have just recently gotten into the financial position to afford an NSX. I have $45,000.00 cash to work with. What I do not know is, will that be enough to get a quality low miles NSX? I would really appreciate any advice you guys could give on this subject, thanks.

Seth Urban

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What I do not know is, will that be enough to get a quality low miles NSX?

Yes... although it depends on what you're looking for (IOW what you mean by "quality" and "low miles").

You can get a well-kept '91-93 with 25-50K miles for mid thirties. If you want lower miles than that, pricing can extend upwards to around $40K.

If you want an NSX-T (removable roof) then you can get a nice '95 with the same miles for right around your $45K limit.

Make sure you can afford any repairs or maintenance that you might need, and you may want to set aside a bit of your savings for them. '91-92 cars should have the timing belt and water pump replaced if they haven't been done already (figure $1200 p/l). Clutches can last anywhere from 30K to 90K miles and can go at any time ($2000). A/C repairs, while not THAT common, can be even more expensive.

Check out pricing in the article from the June 2001 Road & Track, which is available in the NSX FAQ.