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NSX Service

13 March 2001
North Potomac, MD
I usually don't praise someone too quickly, but I now have had my 2000 Blue baby serviced at Tischer Acura in Laurel, Md, twice. I was impressed the first visit but said nothing because I'm usually disappointed later.

The first visit was some simple things, to include an oil change (I brought my own oil). The mechanic (Jim Allen) handled my car with kid gloves. I was very up-front with the service manager (Richard Berger) that I'm the most anal he would ever meet
. He made it clear to everyone that only Jim was to touch my car and they have lived up to it.

When I took delivery of the car last May, I noticed an imperfection on the bottom seat cushion (about the size of a pea). Acura regional service director for my area (Mr. Johnson) had no problem ordering a new seat (I mean the entire seat). It took this long for it to arrive, but they changed it out today.

So, if any of you D.C. area guys are looking for great service on your X or other Acura, take it to Tischer. Ask for Ed, Richard Berger and by all means have Jim Allen work on it.

One more thing, the owner of the dealership spoke to me and asked what color 2002 he should order. I proposed Black/black. I could be persuaded to upgrade if I got my sights on it. He said he doesn't sell many and it costs a lot to have them hang around. I suggested he promote some excitement by sponsoring a meet this spring for all NSX and possibly RSX owners. I will bug him and hopefully we will have another place to hook up when the weather turns nice again.
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'00 Candy Apple Blue / Black

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