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NSX sex appeal

2 November 2000
Silicon Valley
I was just informed that one of the most attractive single ladies at my work walked past my NSX and said, "I will sleep with whoever owns that car... whose is it?"

Of course, I am happily married, so I don't get to enjoy the fringe benefits of NSX ownership
$hit! San Jose is pretty close to me, I will go park my car there from now!

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ya, I had something like that once...... I once heard a beautiful woman say, as she looked at my car. " I bet the owner of that faggot Ferrari wannabe has got a dick the size of a pencil. You know, the ones that you sharpen too long, making them hard to hold on to?" I quickly jumped off my big wheel (other ride) and said, "hey baby, you must be talking about me 'cos that's my car. Wanna go for a ride?" She said "F#@& YOU!!!" She was turning me on.... and I decided I was gonna make her mine. I tried anything to impress her 'cos she was so classy. I found myself starting to lie to her 'cos I was so nervous. I told her that I was a shepherd for a living thinking that then she'd see what a man I am. Then with a sexy look, she called me a faggot, just like my car. I thought I fell in love right then. After a few more hours of convincing, I finally got her to take me home to her place. We were in the car and I put on "We are the World" thinking this would put her in the giving mood, and all she was getting was hungry which did me no good whatsoever. Things were going smooth. We got into her place and I'm on the couch. I'm really getting into it and.....um.... she comes into the room. I was warmin' up. Anyway, I finally get her into the bedroom, 'cos I told her there was a gift under the pillow (I try anything) and she starts lighting all this inscense and candles and puts on this sleek, black nightgown. Now she was starting to come around. So she says to me, "ok Todd, now prove you're a man.".............so, I drank some Schnapps and went to a hockey game. Ah, the things the NSX can do for ya......

Todd Arnold

I get alot of that here too.. I had this one girl tell me that my GF got me the car.. so I told her I dont have one.. she wanted Proof that I owned it.. so I took her to the car showed her the Registration and the proof of insurance. So then her friend comes by and tell her to just get in the car take me to her place and have fun..

Oh well I should of went.
Yeah, but I'm guessing you guys are a lot older. When I was in high school this girl who just got her license drove a brand new NSX to school and man, I couldn't resist but to ask her for her number. Not to get to know her but her car. =)
[I bet the owner of that faggot Ferrari wannabe has got a dick the size of a pencil. You know, the ones that you sharpen too long, making them hard to hold on to?"]

I think that whole argument about guys with fast cars have small units was dispelled long ago. It was spread by jealous guys who couldn't afford the cars, so it made them feel better about themselves by saying things like that.
By show of hands, how many here have a nice car? Uhuh. I thought so.
Now, by show of hands, how many of you here have a tiny little unit which is why you bought the nice car. Uhuh. As I suspected. end of argument.

Next time someone uses that tiny pencil argument on you, just tell em their girlfriend didn't think so.

Some women love the car. Some could care less. The hookers along Sunset boulevard, well they LOVE it.
If you want a female, I couldn't agree more with Tom & Ray, the Click n' Clack Brothers advise (Car Talk on PRI Saturday AM) that if you're a man and you want a woman, just follow these simple steps:

1) buy or borrow a new bright colored VW bettle convertible (prefereably purple),
2) put a golden retriever puppy on the front passenger seat,
3) drive very slowly up and down your local boardwalk with the top down, timing your speed to be stopped by every stoplight.

Results: at each corner every babe present will want to climb into your car, because you're obviously sensitive, harmless and lovable.

They say it's guaranteed to work every time.

Invariably when my wife and I drive the NSX-T around, heads do turn. However, 99.9% of the heads are on men's bodies, not women's. This is no babe magnet; it's a guy magnet.

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I know you were kidding. I just took the opportunity to denounce that theory while you reminded me of it. I always hear that theory come up from time to time. Your story was great and yes...I knew you were kidding.
Unfortunately I've heard lots of men and women say things like that before and actually believe it. well... not to me.

Looks like I'm the one that needs to make it more clear when I'm kidding.
especially about the hookers... really, I swear.
I knew you were both kidding.

No woman would ever say "I will sleep with whoever..."

And no man would ever turn down sex for a hockey game. (However, he might try to get the sex done quick to go to the hockey game.)

Originally posted by nsxtasy:
I knew you were both kidding.

No woman would ever say "I will sleep with whoever..."

NSXTASY - I beg to differ... I know of at least one woman who said that - as I indicated in my original post.
Hey, I've known women that said that about the first guy who would buy them a beer, let alone have an exotic sports car. Ahhh, the college days.

Not the kind of women you would want to sleep with though IMO. No offense to any of the ladies on this board. Only someone pretty skanky would do something like that.
Yes the value of the nsx as a babe magnet has proven itself to me .... only once... b/c now I have a steady girl

who incidentally didn't see or know about my car until our 3rd date - you guys should try that ... to find the real classy ladies

driving down the highway from a friends house and noticed a cute girl looking at me..and every time I caught her looking, she'd giggle and squirm in the seat of her accord... this went on for oh say 4 or 5 miles.... she heads for the exit ramp...so me having nothing else better to do than to chase women, I followed...

ended up pulling up to her at the next traffic light... I had my window down... she rolled her window down and said "quite a nice car for such a young guy how old are you?" I replied "Why thank you, I'm 22.." (I was 22 at the time) and we proceeded to flirt with each other... found out she didn't live far away.. and by that time the light turned green.. so ppl were honking for us to move forward... I asked her for her phone #, and she told me to follow her to the closest parking lot in sight... we chatted for a bit... she told me that "I thought you would be just some old guy driving a nice car like that but I was surprised to see such a cute guy like you in it!" Then of course I had to return the complement "well you're not so bad yourself" ( I know it was cheesy but hey it worked!) so I got her number... called her a few days later and she came over... watched a movie and did my duty... but later I found out she was on the rebound from her abusive alcoholic ex boyfriend and she ended up getting back together with him... only to be abused even more come to find out... (don't ask me why they do that) ... so the moral of the story?? hmmmm well I'm still thinking about that one.... oh yeah be wary of women you sleep with within a week of meeting them... especially if you meet them while in your NSX! Hey don't get me wrong.... I'm not complaining... I have an awesome girlfriend now so everything's excellent now...

good riddance of bad rubbish
how many females do we have on this board anyways?
how many females do we have on this board anyways?

Well, it's not part of the profile, so Lud can't just count them.

I know a few have visited but there aren't many. Seems like there are more in the club and at events than visit the forums. Don't ask me why - I hope it's not because of topics like this one.
everything we say here is in good fun. There have been much worse topics on other auto forums with a larger female following. We would just joke around and they wouldn't take it personally. In fact, they did their share of ragging on us guys as well and we all laughed it off.
I sure hope no woman on this forum takes any of this stuff personally.
I have to agree with the NSXY about the heads that are turning are mostly men's heads. My wife loves it!! But all in all, I did not buy the car for the Babes or guys, I bought it for my own sheer enjoyment. And that is what it has been. BTW, this is my first post. I have been enjoying this site since I picked up my NSX 5 months ago. Keep up the good chats.

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