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NSX sightings...3 different X in the last few weeks

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Apr 19, 2005
NSX seems to be all around me lately...and it is.

1. Spotted black 02+ black NSX one block from where I live. I live right by the Throgsneck Bridge in the Bronx. I went out to ride my bicycle yesterday and saw the tail end of this beauty parked outside of a garage. I also saw the owner driving this car out of the neighborhood last week. Haven't got a chance to meet the owner yet...but it is very exciting to see another NSX in the neighborhood.

2. Spotted red NSX with pop-ups various times at the New York Tennis Club by the Throgsneck Bridge in the Bronx. (Non Tri-state plate)

3. Spotted red NSX with pop-ups Sunday 6/8 parked near a friend house in Riverdale, Bronx. The rims had painted red center. (Non Tri-state plate)