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NSX Socal Monthly Meeting for August 7th

10 February 2004
costa mesa
Hey Guys,
Some of you guys have suggested that you would like to do a q&a with some of the top performance manufacturers. We have spoken to Project Mu and they have agreed to come. They will bring some products to show and answer any questions you guys may have on braking. The difference between slotted, and crossdrilled. The difference in the different compounds that they carry.
Also, we may have the spoon NSX type-R here by that time. We are anticipating the car to arrive here by early next week. Ill keep you guys updated.
i am going to keep bumping this to the top, because this thread doesn't have a sticky.
who all is going.

Socalx will be there
Also tantheman will be there
best motoring just called and they are looking for 3 nsx to do a shoot on. The 3 nsx will have to fit these categories; 1st will be an nsx with crazy power mods, 2nd is an nsx with crazy suspension, and the 3rd will be a balance of both. The shoot will be at streets of willow in a couple of weeks. Please let me know if you are interested.
I take my final exam at 630 so Ill come out to dinner if you guys go anywhere afterwards! :)
first timer...i'll try to be as early...:smile:
NSX is in the shop getting the Timing belt replaced, just when i got my new wheels on.:frown:

Ill be there in the GOAT :biggrin:
I am in if nothing pops up for me to do.
I feel like the kid that's always left out... where is the meet???

South Coast Acura is located at:

2925 Harbor Bl. in Costa Mesa.

This is about 3/4 mi South of the 405 (San Diego) freeway on Harbor Bl. Just past Baker Street. On the Right.
Count me in + the 335i white widebody will be there also
Hey guys,

Our GM had to leave for a midwest dealer visit and 2 of the sales guys are off to Washington for Formula D.

That means Ill be your Project Mu rep today. Unfortunately, I just started to learn about Project Mu very recently so I will try my best to answer your questions but take it easy on me! My GM will come out for sure next month for another Q&A. I will bring out our Rays Wheels, Yokohama Advan and Project Mu catalogs today and give you some basic info on our products. :)

I will be there at 8:00PM !!
LOL, got to answer a few questions and bombed on a few as well. I was told you guys were just going to ask thing like brake pad recommendations! Grr! You guys are difficult! JKJK. Now I know what kinds of things I need to learn. So thanks!! :D

Great seeing you guys!

If you have any questions regarding Project Mu, Rays Engineering, ARC or Advans please either PM me or call!

My extension is 123 if ya need me!