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nsx start up problem

1 March 2012
i have a 2000 nsx and a couple of weeks ago, i had a problem where my car will suddenly died why im driving. i had to pull over and start the car again and dies again while driving. Well, i decided to replace the main relay, battery, spark plugs and clean the ignition coil. Car ran perfect. After a couple of weeks driving, the car was fine until i stall on first gear coming up to my drive today. I then press the clutch and try to start the car but nothing happens but all the lights and horn and radio still works. I read on the forum that it can possibly be the ignition module where you put the key in. I have not replace that yet so any suggestion will be greatly apprieciated. Thanks.
I check the first part and the plastic piece is still there and looks good but I haven't tried the ignition switch yet. Doing that today so hopefully that will solve the problem. But any more info would still help and thanks.
One quick thing u can do is check that battery ground cable. If its not tight, it'll give u problem.
I did that too and put in a new optimal battery. The negative terminal was loose so I went ahead and used a small screw to tighten up the negative terminal and work out fine, and that was a month ago.
what i found on mine was even after tightening it, over time it still became loose. somehow, i dunno how but it did.. so i just replaced it with a brand new cable from walmart.. no more issue since.