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NSX to S-Zero converstion - is it possible or even worth it?

24 July 2000
I looked in the FAQ and couldnt find any info about the S-Zero.. all I know about it is that you can only get one in Japan right? What's different about the S-Zero compared to the stock NSX? Is it possible to convert a stock NSX to an S-Zero?
Yes you can indeed do an S-Zero conversion, but you can use better more performance oriented parts for less money, and end up with a better car.
The S-Zero is not very streetable from what I understand.
here is what you'll need:

get a Zarnardi edition NSX,

remove A/C,

remove stereo,

switch the seats to leather coverd, carbon fiber Recaro pole positions(from Honda, $6000 each, from Recaro, $1400 for carbon fiber seat(each), maybe $2000 to get it coverd in leather)

Get type-S zero suspension, I'm thinking around $5000.

get type S zero engine cover. maybe $1000 from Honda

get type-S zero steering wheel and hub, $2000 maybe?

get a type-S zero rear badge from Dali...

that's all I can think of right now...

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