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NSX Track Trailer

28 October 2002
Atlanta, GA
This thread is to provide a place for people to discuss building the track trailer as described in the recent Issue 2 of NSX Driver. I had some requests to start this thread when the article was published.


So feel free to chime in with suggestions or ask questions or whatever.

I've towed the trailer over 4,000 miles so far, and it's worked like a champ. No problems at all. It's a great practical solution to carrying track tires.

Fractions messed up in article

Looks like there was a font conversion problem when the article was typeset. Many of the fractions turned into garbage characters. If you are looking for them, here they are.
  • Pg 16, Parts list, 2nd row: 1/4-14 x 1 1/4 Self-tapping hex head bolts
  • Pg 16, Parts list, 3rd row: 1 7/8" Chrome trailer ball, 3/4" shank, 1 1/2" length
  • Pg 17, All the question marks should be 1/2
  • Pg 22, Parts list, 5th row: 1/2" by 10" eye bolt with nut
  • Pg 22, Parts list, 6th row: 1/2" nut to fit the 10" eye bolt
  • Pg 22, Parts list, 7th row: 3/4" square aluminum tube
  • Pg 22, Parts list, 10th row: 24" x 39" piece of 1/2" outdoor plywood
  • Pg 22 and 23, All the question marks should be 1/2
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Great job on the trailer Jeff. I mean you even color coordinated the trailer to the car. :wink: This is a project I've been considering for a few years now and all of a sudden you've eliminated the excuses for not getting started on it. My wife barely sees enough of me already and now I'll have my head under the rear end of the car doing who knows what. :tongue:

Another new project in due time. :biggrin:
Thanx. Yes, being as NSXessive as I am, I painted the wheels silver to match. The trailer did come in red though :smile: