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NSX transmission parts

21 January 2004
North Brunswick/Long Branch NJ
As some of you may know my trans was in snap ring and I purchased a brand new NSX transmission. I added the NSX-R short gears and 4.23 rear. I have all the transmission components from the BRAND NEW transmission minus 1st gear which remains the same and the stock ring and pinion. These parts have never been driven ever 1 mile. Parts were installed before the new trans went in my car. Everything is boxed up and ready to be shipped. Im asking $700 but am open to offers. PM or call me at 908-704-0300 x118. Thanks in advance, Michael
Bump: New Price $500
hi do you still have it? willing to ship to europe ? if es how much ?
I still have the parts and yes Ill ship to Europe if your paying :wink:
Zennsx said:
Are these parts from a 5 speed transmission?

yes, you have PM... :wink: Missing only 1st and 5th due to the short gear and 4.23 upgrade