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NSX Type R Stabilizer Bar on Cybernation Website

10 February 2001
Southern California
They have the front and rear type R bars measure 21mm front and 17.5mm rear. In the FAQ they have the Older Type R listed as having front and rear bars that measure 18.3 and 19.1 respectively. I'm not an suspension expert or anything but doesn't the latter seem better? I always thought that have a larger front bar will promote understeer which is not really ideal in performance driving. Thanks.

So what you are telling me is that the new Type R oversteers too much so they increased the front stabilizar bar diameter and decreased the rear stabilizar bar to make it more neutral? Sorry but I'm really not a suspension expert.
Originally posted by HomeDepotNSX:
Yeah, but you can tune it out with changes in tire pressure, springs, etc...


Oh, no... I wasn't making any statements about the suspension setup overall...I don't know what they are running in terms of spring rates, shocks, etc...or even tire sizes.

The sway bars are just to counteract body roll in turns...works with the rest of the suspension set to make the car neutral, understeer, or oversteer...

I'll be taking a close look at CyberNation's NSX tonight when I go there to work on my NSX (just a rear pad change and brake fluid flush)...