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NSX wrist watch

30 May 2000
Southampton, PA, USA
Until recently, I've never knew there was such an animal.

It's on eBay, item # 569415580

I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned in the FAQ.


1991 NSX Blk/Blk
1974 Vette 454 4 spd
gee, thanks for tellin' everyone on this forum....now it makes it much more expensive for me to buy..... Lud and Gaymond you might as well stop bidding 'cos I'm gonna win!

Todd Arnold

Let the bidding begin...actually it already did!

Good luck to all bidders. I can tell that Todd really wants the watch! I hate losing an auction!

btw...I noticed that Gaymond and Lud do a lot of ebay transactions, especially Gaymond. Do you guys do it for fun, or part of your business?

Todd - I didn't see your message until after I placed the 400 bid. I do not see the point of us bidding against each other. If it were someone I didn't "know" I'd bid it much higher but I'll leave it to you.

Richard - Mostly for NSX stuff, but I also sell my "old" items for things I upgrade frequently such as digital cameras, ski equipment, computer gear, etc. I've also bought stuff for friends who just wanted one item and didn't want to go through the hassle of registering an account.
Our Acura dealership has them, quite a selection actually. I have never inquired into cost but I'll check and get back.

Although this one is a totally different look and I've never seen it. It'll be interesting to see how much this one goes for. Good luck you guys.

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I buy the NSX stuff on ebay for collecting and for decorating my home office. I sell coin operated video games on ebay as part of my business. I collect video games and pinball machines and broker the stuff full time from home.
from the auction:

"It has a precision swiss internal movement and is powered by a standard #362 watch battery."

as suggested by my Rolex wearing friend Henry from HK, that sounds like an oxymoron. I agree.

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