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NSXCapades - 2012 Edition

1 January 2007
Well guys and ladies, it's time for planning this year's NSXCapades. Having promised our fabulous WeiShen that I'd be responsible this year here's the plan:

The event will happen the weekend of Nov 30-Dec 2nd, or Dec 7-9 depending on a couple of factors - availability of hotel rooms (There's an 'Extreme Mudder's' competition in Sarasota that first weekend with over 10,000 visitors expected which may make securing a hotel problematic - and we've been promised sponsorship by Gettle Acura for a group luncheon on Sunday with perhaps a remote radio station feed - have to work out the dates with my man there.

That said the basics are:

Friday night gather at the hotel and visit downtown Sarasota at your leisure. Mattison's downtown is a great place to hang out outside and have libations and vittles and around 7/7:30 has a band that's not so loud that you can't talk. There's much more to do downtown/restaurants/bars so if Mattison's doesn't flip your switch I'm sure there'll be something else to handle that.

Saturday morning for the golfers - golf (well what did you think - we'd be lawn bowling?) Suggested courses: Oak Ford or Calusa Lakes. Both worth while.

For non-golfers, if it's the first Saturday of the month, there's Cars and Coffee at the local Porsche dealership.

Lunch at Sarasota Ale House or Gecko's
from there it's on to the Classic Car Museum for checking out some vintage vessels including a Tucker (Pretty cool)

It's possible we might go from here to Bradenton Motor Sports Dragway to test our cars and see how fast we can really go.

From there it's on to dinner at Daruma - excellent Japanese food and ample parking.

Sunday morning drive ending up at Gettle Acura for lunch and whatever form of entertainment they might work up with us. (Personally I'd like to see them detail an engine bay - mine) and then it's off to your parts of the world whereever that might be.

I'm working on group rates for the hotel, the car museum, and Bradenton Motor Sports.

Would love for someone to come up with a logo/t-shirt/window sticker.