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NSXcapades Dec.5-6 preliminary schedule

Ok golfers.
Forecast is cloudy and windy Saturday. NE 20-30mph. Bring your A game! Hit em low.
Meet for lunch at 11am
Tee times at 12 and 1207!
Let's park together in the main lot right below the steps to the clubhouse.
Because of chance of showers and wind I have moved our lunch Sunday indoors, but the dock is right next door so if it's nice we can wander back outside.
If anybody in the Daytona area wants to meet us at the I4/I95 junction for the drive to Lake Mary, let us know. If you haven't done it before, there is not much to beat a pack of NSXes running two or three abreast on the highway at speed. PM me for times and my cell.
Quick reminder for those coming to my house from the gun range.
GPS will take you to the back gate of the development which is unmanned and not an entrance.
Please enter the Reserve at Belmere from Maguire Road
Use exit 267B (not A) off the Turnpike, then go east on Rt 50 until the first light which is Maguire. Turn right and head south abouth 2 miles past CVS on right. Guard house for Reserve at Belmere is visible from the road. There is a development called Belmere which comes up first after you pass the CVS. Do NOT turn there.
Hey, guys, SO missing the event this year. Hope you all have a great time. I'm actually not too far from you all, at Lake Kissimmiee State Park near Lake Wales but no NSX. Enjoy the event and lift one in honor of Tammy and me!
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So sorry we could not make it this year.

It also looks like the weather gods kindly will grant no rains on your parade.......they certainly have not been as good to us today, here further down south. Hope you all are having a grand time.
I'm not a big Facebook user. Anyone care to post up pictures here on Prime?
Had a blast meeting everyone! Dinner and go carts was awesome along with the drive and lunch Sunday. Shooting range was fun even though it got rained on. Big thanks to Nabil and Wei-shin for your hospitality.


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