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NSXCC Annual renewal party - Friday March 3rd 2017

6 February 2008
Dundas, On

This winter seems to be coming on harder than last years, and with all the shoveling I have to do, I'm getting the itch to get together and talk about cars with all of you guys soon.

So far we have planned more than 10 great events for the coming calendar year. To ensure we budget adequate time to execute all, we have decided to launch our renewal party at the beginning of March For the 6th year in a row, we have been invited back to Dragonwing's (Jim and Brenda) production studio. We will be ordering in and will purchase wine and beverages for the night so you don't need to. We'll also be handing out this years Mega fantastic renewal gift at the party; so if you've already paid up for 2017 you can get it there.

Event Details
Date: Friday March 3, 2017
Location: 409 King Street West, Suite 300 (Wanted! Sound & Picture) – just east of Spadina Ave in downtown Toronto
Time: 7pm
Cost to attend: $20/person. (covers food and drinks)

Note the event is opened to spouses so bring them along for a causal night of social and great conversations. We may even set up a movie in the screening room if you'd like to sit back and relax.

As this is our official kick-off party for 2017, renewal dues ($50) are being collected so please bring along cash or cheque or credit card payable to NSX Club of Canada. Alternatively, an easier way to pay is through PayPal at [email protected]. People who have already renewed we will have a record on hand.

Sign up right here. Be sure to indicate if you plan to bring a guest so we can order enough food for everyone.

1) Sean F. +1
2) Lucas H. +1
3) Bram M. +1
4) Steve R. +1
5) Owen C.
6) Bruno S.
7) Jim M.
8) Dave S.
9) John T. +1
10) Carlos R. +1
11) Steve +1
12) Rick S. +1
13) Shafik J. +1
14) Rick M. +1
15) Daria K.
16) Mark A. +1
17) Brad C. +1
18) Scott G. +1
19) Andre +1
20) Bash +1
21) Rick J. +1
22) Garrick L. +4
23) Gary R.
24) Paul V.
25) Tommy P.
26) Robert C.
27) Darren S.
28) Mark H.
29) Tim C. +1
30) Josh Q. +1
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John T + 1. Many thanks.
2 please
Happy Valentines Day everyone!

The NSXCC execs have searched for some nice kit for this year's renewal gift, and won't disappoint.
But the real highlight of the renewal party is meeting old & new friends, the conversation, food, drink, the amazing studio (thanks again Jim & Brenda), and how much we all can't wait for this spring!

The party is only 2 weeks away, so if you're thinking about it, I'd encourage you to sign up :).


Ooooh lordy!

We just took delivery of this years renewal gift yesterday. Everyone is in for a treat!

I can't wait to catch up with everybody next weekend, and if this weather holds up I may even bring the NSX out for her first drive of the year.
Hmmmmmm. About 28 people coming so far - fantastic! Just to be clear: this year we will be providing an "option" when it comes to the renewal gift. HOWEVER, this option will ONLY be provided at the renewal party. For those who will be attending .... you will not be disappointed.


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How about some options for women? I'm sure your wives and myself would certainly enjoy the 'eye candy' of the male version - and I'm not talking about any of the club members!!! But it's always entertaining to view the options so many of you want but yet will never get..........ahhhh, the benefits of owning an NSX and keeping the dreams alive. :))).........Happy to say I won't get your posted option, and I already have the tank tops in Yamaha Blue - ------- that was the 'option' you were giving away, right? T-shirts, Tank tops or was it the high heels??? Just wondering...........have fun on Friday, just toooooo far away even for the eye candy.
found some candy..........just don't know how to upload the images :))))))))) but it does leave wonderful thoughts to the imagination.


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