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NSXCC EST Fest 2016 - Waring House Inn - Prince Edwar County May 27 - 29 2016

6 February 2008
Dundas, On
With all of our cars safely nestled away for the winter, fondly remembering what favorable driving conditions feel like, thoughts of spring 2016 are surely close at hand. After a resoundingly successful year this year, we are happy to announce The Waring House Restaurant and Inn as our selected Venue for Est Fest 2016 on the weekend beginning Friday May 27th and concluding Sunday May 29th 2015. This is the weekend AFTER the May long weekend this year.

With the recurring success of the track day Friday evening, we are happy to announce that we will be renting Shannonville Motorsport Park for the evening of Friday May 27, in a no-holds barred, all out, slightly restrained fight for bragging rights.
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One important aspect of Est Fest is location and how it best accommodates the size of our group greatly enhances our experience. After various considerations along with members’ feedback, the club executive have worked diligently to secure accommodations which offer a fine balance of value and luxury at the http://waringhouse.com Located about two hours from Toronto, this location is approximately the same distance as previous venues. As an added plus, it's located right on Lake Ontario in picturesque Prince Edward County.

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The Waring House is located in Picton very close to Lake Ontario. It is a 49 unit deluxe rooms in several lodges. We have blocked off 25 rooms in one of these lodges where we can all park in our own area and not worry about bothering others during our stay. For those so inclined there is a cooking school located on property which is available for classes during our stay.

At this point we plan on doing a winery tour followed by lunch during our Saturday outing. As one of the best wine growing and driving spots in Ontario everybody should have a blast.


• Book now! Our special rate of $195 per night is available until March 27, 2016. When booking you will be asked to place a $75.00 deposit for the weekend.
• The above includes breakfast for two for each night you stay. (Additional breakfasts are available for a nominal fee)
• Booking reference: NSX Club of Canada
• Booking contact: 1-800-621-4956 please ask for Henriette Labelle-Campbell
• All rooms subject to service fee and HST.

Meal service:

Same as the past several years, we are hosting a kickoff BBQ at the track followed by a social at the hotel. For the balance of the weekend, breakfast will be included. Optional lunch service will be available seperately. Saturday event dinner will be likely be between $30 and $40pp. Sunday lunch will be a-la-cart. All meal service and accommodation are subject to gratuities and taxes.
We will continue to work to bring the best possible experience for the weekend.


• Friday night at the track - Shannonville Motorsport Park
• Saturday - Scenic drive, Wine tour/lunch, scenic drive Free time followed by our social and Dinner.
• Sunday - Possible cooking school at $95.00 per person (dependent on membership interest)

Don't delay, sign up today!

1) Sean F. +1
2) Bash P. +1
3) Bram M. +1
4) Daria K. +1
5) Lucas H. +1
6) Mike V. +1
7) Kevin C. +1
8) Tim C. +1
9) Barry D.
10) Don S. +1
11) Shawn C. +1
12) Andre M. +1
13) Tony S.
14) Chris W. +1
15) Mark A. + 1
16) John T. +1
17) Nick D. +1
18) Richard P.
19) Jim M.
20) Brenda M.
21) Mark W. +1
22) Steve S. +1
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Excellent venue, windy roads and too many points of interest to mention. Can't wait for Est Fest 2016!!!!
We'll be there also.
Let's hope we'll have one of these at Est Fest to play with ...

Hi Lucas, glad that you will be joining us for EST Fest 2016, as we did for the last couple of years, there are no additional charges for the Track. So come and have fun.

Lucas. Track rental at Shannonville Motorsport is much more costly than Grand Bend. Fear not though as your Club executives (Bram really) will negotiate the best deal in town for you!
I should be there too for the weekend! Will bring the wife or the son or a friend! So: Mike + 1.
Can't wait! Especially now that Rob M did quite the overhaul for me on some maintenance and some upgrades!

- - - Updated - - -

and thanks to the executive team for the work they put in organizing this weekend!

And... Happy New Year to you all!
So ....? What's new on the car? Do tell

new driveshaft boots, front engine mount, vtec gaskets, camber kits on all 4 wheels, clutch and slave, printboard on climate control, replaced 2 interior mouldings that were cracked.

installed the NSX-R front upper chassis bar and the Cantrell air intake duct (both bought from you, Daria, thanks!), also completed the air intake with the stock intake box (replacing an open K&N filter the former owner had on it)

all fluids

I think that pretty much summed it up ...
Cost a pretty penny all together, but I am very happy!!!
^ Mike, that's a lot of work, I'm sure she'll be feeling like a whole new car.

Awesome news about the track day! I wouldn't miss it.

What time does the track event begin/end?

Thanks guys,


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There is a motorcycle race on that weekend so the pits will be full. We'll be on the Fabi track (we'll park on the north side). We'll be on the Fabi track and the track goes green for us at 5:00 pm. More details to follow.
Ladies and Gents,

I have spoken to the Waring House, and they have extended the validity for the group rate until this coming Sunday, April 24. If you book after that date, you may not get the discounted rate.

Please call them at -800-621-4956 and ask for Henriette Labelle-Campbell at some point this week!

The long range forecast is looking spectacular so far; May should be warmer than normal.