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NSXCC EST Fest - May 25-27 2018 - NIAGARA REGION Grapes, good roads and gnoshing!

Gettin ready for Est Fest![emoji964]


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Some family events have been rescheduled over our Memorial Day weekend which unfortunately preclude my attendance at EST FEST. Not happy. I have a room (two queen beds) booked for May 25 and 26. Before I cancel the reservation if there is anyone else who wants the room please let me know via PM. Bram, if there is a different way to handle this please let me know. I need to cancel no later than 72 hours before check in time on May 25. Thanks.Best,Jeff
No worries Jeff....If someone need's a room I'll direct them to contact you, however, if there are no takers, please go ahead an cancel 72 Hours prior to May 25th.

Great news guys!

We've just been invited to visit CosMic plants in Beamsville on Sunday at 1:00 pm as we're leaving EST Fest! Mike V. who is the proprieter of CosMic is also a member and has graciously invited us back to tour his facility!

I can't wait to see everyone in less than 2 weeks!
Just to be clear "Friday night at the track" is go-karting correct, not driving our NSX's on the track?
Hey Rob, that is correct we are going GoKarting on Friday night.....I don't believe you are allowed to drive your NSX on this track :biggrin:

As stated early, we were not able to get the Track booked for a Private event and we opt to do Go Karting instead.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday.

Hey everyone, so looking forward to Friday!
So yes I am in too for Est Fest NSX weekend! Riley, my 16 year old, will join for most of the activities.
We will see you all on Friday afternoon at the hotel, although we won't be actually staying there - as we live so nearby.
I am glad to be able host a tour of our NEW Orchid production facility on Sunday afternoon. Those that have visited CosMic Plants before, this new facility is quite a bit different so you won't be bored, haha!
Have a great week! See you Friday!
Hi Guys - schedule has been hectic but I will be down early on Saturday morning (solo - could not get a +1 at home) to participate in all events including dinner. See you all then.
I've just sent out the itinerary for all attendees! If you haven't received it, either PM me, or email at [email protected]

We have been able to secure a huge amount of sponsorship and have been able to keep the fee to $80 per person - where you will receive at least $150 of value per person.

Please note as we have negotiated group discounts, and guaranteed numbers, even if you aren't able to participate in all events, we will still need to collect the full registration fee from you.
Wow, What a great weekend. Thank you all for putting this together and welcoming me even though I no longer have an NSX. Many of you asked about how the NSX compares to the Evora, I fell that the Evora is the modern day NSX. The thing that really connects them is the analog driving experience, it is very similar and I feel that is tough to find in cars today. Here is a link to a R&T article that one of you told me about at EstFest that I wasn't aware of that is a nice read if you are interested comparison of the NSX to the Evora.

It was a great weekend! So cool! Thanks everyone!
(and thanks for making our business front look so colourful! :smile:)