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NSXCC - Plunkett Estates tour - SATURDAY September 24, 2016 10:30a.m.

6 February 2008
Dundas, On
It's been several years since we've visited London, and with Steve now on the NSXCC Exec committee, he's tired of getting up at 6:00am just to come to club events. So we've decided to hold an event in his backyard!

We have reserved a long tour of Steve Plunkett's Estate and car collection on Saturday September 24. We will see his huge collection of cars, which include many unique and prototype vehicles and have Steve himself guide the tour with his intimate knowledge of all his autos. We haven't been there in many years, so if you haven't been, some of the longstanding members may be able to fill you in on the awesomeness of his facility.

If you'd like an idea of the size of his grounds, he has long held Canada's largest outdoor car show with 11,000 cars on site.

Fellow NSXCC Members,

We’re going to be meeting at the Flying J / Denny's in London at 10:00am. It’s located on Highbury Road just south of the 401. It has a very wide parking lot that should give us a decent amount of space before heading out and easy access/ visibility ON and OFF the 401 (via Highbury). It will be about 1h30m – 2h drive from Mississauga.


For those needing a caffeine fix, there is a Tim Hortons at the intersection directly after the Flying J.

We will leave Flying J at 10:15am for a 20minute drive and make our grand entrance to the estate fashionably early. If you’re a little late and miss the group meet up, don’t stress, tour starts at 11. This will be the route we are taking:


The address of the estate is:

9282 Elviage Drive
London, Ontario
N6K 4N5

It will likely show up as “Pawlooza” in Google. It’s one of the biggest events that take part on the grounds.

We'll have wraps and sodas available after the tour.

Sign up here:

1) Sean F. +1
2) Bram
3) Steve R. +1
4) Tony S. +1
5) Shafik J. +1
6) Mark (+1?)
7) Bruno S. +1
8) David G. +1 (NSXCA)
9) Shawn C. +1
10) Shawna A.
11) Lucas H. +1
12) Piran S. +1
13) Jim M. +1
14) Carlos R. +1
15) Kelly S. +1
16) Henry C. +1
17) Mario B.
18) Sean B. +2
19) Mark W. +1
20) Don S. +1
21) Richie R. +1
22) Martin B. +1
23) Dan M. +1
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I'll try to make this event.......just arriving back from Europe and moving so time is not on my side. I can confirm a few days before but if it fills up I understand and use my spot for someone else.
11,000 cars ?!?!?! Count this car freak and a copilot in for sure !!

There won't be 11,000 cars when we're there. It will be our club, another car club, and Mr. Plunkett's private collection. Maybe 300+/- cars total; but still not a bad day that's for sure.
We've gotten 16 cars signed up so far, that's great!

Just a quick reminder though, we need to know who will be coming by next Friday evening, so we can have the appropriate amount of lunch ordered for everyone, so if you plan on attending, please sign up.
Mario B, Rich and I will be meeting in Oakville/Mississauga in the morning. If anyone would like to cruise out there with us please let me know and we'll arrange a quick pre-meet for us all.

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Becky, Sean and Modena will be there! Looking forward to it!