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NSXPO 2008 Tech Seminars

8 November 2003
Portland OR
We are putting together a great event none of you will want to miss!

Check out: www.nsxpo.org for general information. I will try to have a schedule update and sponsors list updated this weekend, including supporting shops who have agreed to do free track inspection, and a tech form that can be down loaded.

I am very excited about the tech seminar line up, I think it will rival the experience I had at my first NSXPO in 2003 in Sonoma. That event set the bar pretty high!

JRZ North America: Suspension tuning.
I just got confirmation from Jon Martin at JRZ North America, Erik Ras will be speaking! Erik is the lead race suspension tuner for JRZ! He knows/understands more about automotive dynamics and how to control them to create traction and performance than anyone else on this planet! This is a rare opportunity to learn from the best. Erik will share some of his experience from the racing circuit, specifically set-up and tuning with teams campaigning the NSX. You will understand many of the things which set the JRZ product apart from other dampers, and take away basic concepts which will help you get the most out of your NSX. www.jrzusa.net

Driving Ambition: Forced Induction.
We all know and love Shad Huntley for his quiet and consistent contributions over the years to Comptech, NSX tuning, racing, supercharging, 3.5 Liter motors, and this list could go on all day... This year he has agreed to present a seminar about forced induction! Many of us have watched his supercharging development over the years with interest, envy or enough enthusiasm to follow. I am sure there will be plenty of time to ask questions about the years of development we know about, but Shad is working on some new concepts which I understand will make jaws drop and eyes pop!

Dumonde Tech: Motor tuning and Lubrication. Rod Faulkner and Dumonde Tech Oil are not household names in aftermarket car world, but they should be! Whether he is setting Bonneville Motorcycle Speed records, doing technical support to help Factory Ducati win their class at the 2008 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, or perfecting an engine oil to protect a NASCAR motor so it can last 500 miles, Rod Faulkner lives and breathes motorsports. We will all be treated to a seminar about how motors work, how to make them last longer, create more power and run more efficiently. His years of experience as a petroleum engineer and technical adviser puts him in a unique position to understand and explain the most complex motor systems, making them understandable to the average enthusiast. You will take away a better understanding how to make your NSX run better, and last for years to come. www.dumondetech.com

CT Engineering: Comptech IMSA Lite Spice car. Doug Peterson was at the helm of Comptech Racing through out the record setting years they campaigned the IMSA Lite Spice car with driver, Parker Johnstone. Doug will present a seminar about how that car was built, maintained and tuned, allowing Parker to score more wins than any IMSA series driver, on his way to 3 consecutive championships. He will share stories and pictures from those years, covering many of their aspects, from shop to pit, race track and on to the podium! This is a once in a lifetime chance to view the car, hear/meet the creator and finish the night with our keynote speaker, driver, Parker Johnstone! You won't want to miss this. Doug has recently joined the creative staff at CT Engineering and is once again contributing to NSX aftermarket community. www.ct-engineering.com

NSX Maintainence: Up on the Lifts!
Morgan Peetz of Acura of Portland and Larry Bastanza will be doing the first ever NSXPO maintainence seminar with complete NSX cars as visual aids! They will work together to point out some common issues, things to look for and suggest preventative measures to make your NSX last a lifetime! You can finally see what a rear beam bushing is, where it is located and why you should care...CV boots, shifter adjustments, ball joints, sway bars and so much more may be covered. There will be plenty of time to gather around, look at the undersides of cars and ask questions of 2 of the most qualified NSX techs in the USA.

See you there!

Dave Levy
NSXPO 2008, Chairman