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NSXPO Caravan

1 January 2007
OK guys, the Florida boys are creating a group ride and inviting you along...

Here's the gist of that forum... head on over and sign yourselves up!

It's getting near the wire for early registration - a $75 discount from registering after the 1st of October. This year's event is going to be fabulous with the whole town coming out for a grand NSX parade, a dyno on tech day, and the Head of Major Projects for Honda coming to join us. For many lucky registrants, a tour of the Honda plant. So make sure you put this on your calendar and let's have some fun together.

I'm leaving on Tuesday - it's a 15 hour drive from Sarasota and the current plan is to meet up perhaps in Orlando with Hugh and Wei-Shen and make the ride in two days. Last year's trip was excellent. This year we'll probably stop in Atlanta to meet up with the guys from there. 10/15 cars in a ride to Columbus, it doesn't get much better than that!

So, add your name to the list, something about your ride, and whether or not you'll have a navigator and we'll create the particulars over the next week or so.


1. Flabuf - '95 Sebring Silver, SOS twin turbo, red-headed guest