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NSXPO got me thinking...what DO YOU look like?

22 September 2000
Dallas TX
For the unfortunate short time I was at the Sunday track day of NSXPO I got to meet only a few of you and finally put a name to a face. I would have liked to have met even more of you guys and maybe perhaps shot the breeze about, NSXs or just things in common from the many threads here. I may have walked right by you guys but never would have known...and I'm sure PERHAPS that some of you had a similar experience within the NSXPO group of attendees.

So let's put some faces to names here...post your pics if you'd like. I've seen your cars already...what do YOU look like?

here's me and the wife

here's what you're more likely to see at a car event...me staring at something contemplating it's construction or function...or daydreaming
"hmmmm...I bet no one would notice me hotwiring this thing"

(Lud, not sure if this fits into NSX general or off-topic so I took a chance)

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?


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Nice idea. I have one even easier. I have the hardest time with all the "handles" folks use on the forums. I meet someone and then I here folks saying, "Oh, I am so and so on the forum.

I would really like it if folks at least signed their posts!!! I guess some folks may prefer anonymity, but when I post I am LarryB, just like when you meet me in person, for better or worse

The other
Was that a real right-hand drive GTO?!

I absolutely agree! I also find it disconcerting when I talk with anonymous screen names. It's one thing to have a "handle" or a cool user name, and I know some people are concerned with security, but somehow it's just not the same.

I also think anonymity makes it easier for people to say things that they would never say in face-to-face communications.


(Jim Anders)

1992 NSX Red/Blk 5 spd #0330
1991 NSX Blk/Blk Auto #3070 (Sold)
1974 Vette 454 4 spd Wht/Blk
1976 Honda Accord 5 spd, 3 door Blue/Blue
1977 Honda Accord - Custom - Under Construction
1986 Chevy Suburban
Have you ever done a search of your name on Yahoo? Or other people search engines? You would be surprised as to how much info you can obtain just from a name. There is enough info out there to get fraudulent credit cards and a list of other things you can do with someone's name. You want to take the chance go for it. I for one don't want to be a statistic. If your in my area or I meet you in person I have no problem introduceing myself and telling you my name.

I think most people can tell the difference between real posters and others who are here just to start problems.

Just my $.02

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I certainly appreciate your perspective on this. Maybe just a first name
would not be too revieling for security purposes.

I just would like to know if I am talking to "Bob" or "Joe"!!


Your killin' me. So... That's why you drive that go-kart so fast

Great to have met you.

Originally posted by aaronb:
Aaron Brooks
Southlake, TX

I'm the one wearing the Hawaiian Shirt!

At NSXPO 2002, you were the one with the Texas A&M hat.

Everyone knew why, after Saturday's game...
Im Bailey ... Larry B and some of the northeast crew know me.



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i look like a small gorilla. where are those damn bananas.

hheeeyyy. me like the traveling car ornaments. vveerrryy nice. when are they coming to my part of the jungle?

oh oh. here comes my orangutang wife. gotta climb a tree. bybye
I'll "never " disclose the REAL identity.
If I did I'd have to kill you.

Theres a stand in I use .You can meet him.LOL
Actually I'm not able w/ the witness protection so "YOU DON'T KNOW ME!"