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Odd sound from brake pedal

17 July 2002
SF Bay Area, CA
Last night when driving home in my NSX, I started getting a really odd sound from the brake pedal. When I would first touch it, there would be a clicking sound for a moment as it engaged. It reminded me of the sound of a small spark. If I pressed the pedal again without much delay, it would not reoccur, but if it was a few minutes or more until my next braking, it would happen again. It was a quiet but clear noise. I think it also made a similar sound twice when switching on recirc and front defroster.

I made it home fine, and of course today it won't make any sound no matter what I do or how often. And it never happened before either -- just that one brief period. Further, today I had my wife put on the brake pedal while I was behind the car (with lights on again to be exactly the same situation) and the brake lights are all working fine. The problem coming once then disappearing will certainly make it harder to track down or repair.

But the fear that it was possibly a spark, perhaps from a shorted out brake light bulb which then got engaged with a small spark at the pedal when I put on the brakes, makes me inclined not to just say "well, whatever it was, it is gone now". I don't want to take any chance it was a spark and could return. I plan to take it in Jim at Hopkins to be looked over, but wanted to check the forum for any thoughts on it.

Any ideas on this? Has anyone ever had a similar experience? It could just be a click, and the rest is my being overly careful, of course.

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I took my NSX to Jim at Hopkins today (despite that it never happened again, since I was ready for an oil change and trunk strut replacment anyway) and Jim relieved any worries. He said the brake light actuator sometimes clicks a bit during actuation, as it rubs against the outside shell, and that it is not a spark or anything to worry about. Phew!