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OEM Acura NSX Car Cover

25 July 2017
I've sold my NSX and my buyer did not want the car cover. It's an OEM factory cover, but I do not have the original bag for it. I have a second one from my previous NSX as well. One was an 00 the other a 96. Not sure what these are going for currently, as car prices have escalated. I see one on eBay, complete, for 1000 plus 70 shipping plus taxes, so 1070-1170. Asking 700 obo. Please pm or text at three hundred ten, eight hundred fifty-seven, eight thousand eight hundred and eleven. Looking to sell these as I moved and they are in storage back in Southern CA.
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Price too high? Lowered to 800 obo. I've flown out and they are sitting at a friend's place. Looking to sell them within the next couple of weeks.
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Hi, Interested in your car covers. I tried to text you but it says the number does not work. What color is the front stitching NSX on the covers? Do you have the bags? Thanks
strange. number should work fine as i haven't had any issues. stitching on the front is red. i don't have the original bags. i'll PM you.

whoops i had a digit wrong! lol
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sorry. forgot my phone and am out of town until mid-march. email notifications were going to spam. just responded.
number is correct but i forgot my phone at my brothers. if you text me i'll have him give me the number and i can give you a call back, or i will be back up there in a few weeks. it wont let me pm you
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