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Headers OEM factory 97-99 NA2 headers & heat shields

10 May 2012
Eastern Virginia
Selling a set of factory headers and heat shields from a 97-99 NA2 NSX.

Includes all heat shields and heat shield fasteners. Also includes a set of used donut gaskets (fit between headers and cats) and a set of used aftermarket exhaust manifold gaskets (not sure of the brand; they are not metal like the factory gaskets).

The headers look great; it appears that they've been polished at some point as they are much, much shinier than others I've seen. I bought them many years ago thinking I might try to adapt them for a j-swap but never got around to it.

All parts are in great shape with a few scratches/dings from normal usage that won't be visible when installed. All of the mounting points for the heat shields are intact (some of the captive nuts that hold them on have been rewelded).

Direct bolt on for 95-99 NSXs. For 95 & 96 you'll need to use the two small exhaust extensions that came on your car (the ones that bolt between the muffler and the cats) or buy a set of used OEM/aftermarket ones or make your own. For 91-94 I assume you would also need the extensions, but I don't have personal experience with those. For 00-05 you'll need an additional ~20mm extension as the rear cat on those cars was shorter than on 91-99s.

When I installed a different but identical set of 97-99 OEM headers on my '96 I didn't need O2 sensor harness extensions; I swapped the front and rear primary sensors and rerouted the harness a little bit. If you want, I'll include parts to make one extension free of charge (two OEM harness connectors and plenty of OEM O2 sensor wiring); you'll just need to crimp connectors onto the wires.

Price lowered to $750 shipped in CONUS.
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If your application requires exhaust adapters/extensions, I can include a set with the headers for an additional $100.
Bump with lowered price for these polished OEM 97-99 headers with all heat shields, used aftermarket & OEM gaskets, and O2 harness extension materials.

$750 shipped in CONUS!

Optional exhaust extensions/adapters if you need them for an additional $100.
They were polished before I bought them. Somebody probably put a lot of hours into making them look that good.