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oem factory horn button question

12 January 2007
London, Kentucky
I broke my left hand button on the steering wheel, and I have misplaced the spring that popped out. Question is (1) Does the new button come with the spring from Acura/Honda? (2) Does anyone have a extra one laying around?
I broke one on my '00 (actually it just popped out turning the wheel :confused: ). The horn button comes as an assembly all ready to pop into the steering wheel after making two wiring connections. Piece o' cake.

I tried like hell not to lose the spring myself when it happened as I was away on a trip at the time.

I think I paid $28 for the little bastard. :smile:
One of my horn buttons actually just fell off so I ordered a new one for Acura. I have a couple of questions for anyone who has done this install before:

1. I read the service manual and I believe it mentioned that they airbag unit needs to be removed to get to the horn button. Is this true? If so, is this difficult to do? I am just a little nervous about doing a DYI that involves removing the airbag.

2. Once I get the new horn button unit in there, do the wires need to be soltered or any other special method of securing the connection? Or is this really a plug and play type of deal?

As always, thanks in advance.
its easy, I have like 6 of them laying around. broke a few to.
if your going to try and save the original. you have to pry it out
so carefully and you cant put any pressure on it or it will brake the
little prongs that hold the whole thing together. and to much pressure
will cause an indention in the leather which doesnt pop back out.
I got 2 news ones, put them in but forgot to plug the horn in tried
to get the new one out and broke it.
they are real sensitive. so make sure you have them plugged in both
the red wire and the Black wire before you press it into it final resting place.
as removal will break them.
but after trial and error i learned you have to very slowly with a small flat tip
screwdriver you can get it out and a little pushing from the back of the plug with the airbag removed.

also the spring from any honda with a similar horn button will work as they are the same example, the horn spring from the 1993 Accord, prelude and Legend will work.
the button will not as they are to small to fit

also sending you the spring will not help as there are 4 prongs that hold the whole thing together and I am sure at least one of those prongs have broken that why it popped off. so you need to pony up and buy a 2 new ones from the dealer. if you only buy one the other one will look different as the horn paint probably is faded. just get 2 news ones Left and Right buttons
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Those little prongs break easy.

The dealership where I lived told me I had to purchase the whole horn button including the wires that went into the steering wheel, for something like $75+ at the time if I remember correctly.

In my case, I was able to locate the spring and the broken prong. I used some super glue and it has been fine for the past two years. Then again, I don't use the horn very often.

I was pointed to Dali Racing as a place to get them. Here is the link for a left horn button.

It is listed at $33 + $6 S&H.

I've never ordered from Dali Racing. I have read on prime where some members have had issues with them and others haven't.

There are also other Acura NSX Parts dealers listed on this site, who seem to offer much better prices than just walking in your local Acura dealer (or at least in my case).

I myself have been meaning to purchase two new horn buttons, to have around as spares. Since my right button did break and is currently working okay with my repair, but I have a hunch it will break again. And it seems that the buttons have a tendency to break.

Good luck and keep us posted on where you end up getting a replacement and the cost. I might just decide to get around to ordering a spare pair myself.

- Rod
Hey Guys,

I had the problem too. One of mine was broken too and if you touched it or put just a little pressure on it, it would pop off and go flying. But it had enough prongs on it to secure itself back and unless you touched it with pressure it stayed there. I suffered with that till I couldn't take it anymore. I too was worried about the spring assembly and all that crap - it's just bs. Here's what to do - ORDER A NEW ONE! For 30 bucks - geez it's just too simple to install - even I could do it. Gotta be a little careful getting it out with a flat head screwdriver for prying GENTLY....easy does it and it comes right out - two wires sitting there into the assembly and you just unplug them.

When you get your new horn button it comes all assembled with the spring and everything - you look at it and study it for a second and realize - you just plug the wires in and it snaps into place - easy peasy.

I bought mine from Clint Howell - Acura dealer - lots of folks have heard of Tim - well Clint gives the same 25% discount that Tim does and he's easy to deal with and the stuff always comes in about a week or less. I've bought several things from him - no problems, not ever. Good sevice - really friendly and knowledgeable about what it is you need.

If you have a broken horn button and don't want to super glue it back in place - which by the way I never did but could have and actually should have - Rbilder is right on - but if you don't want to fool with that - just get the new part. I've gotten a new gas cap since mine failed emissions, a new ac center grille and vent - he told me how to replace that too. Mine was delaming - that wasn't cheap - youch at about 260. Anyway combine some stuff and the mailing charge will be spread out.

That's my advice - replace it.

DIRECT: 775-229-7720
PARTS: 775-229-7779
EMAIL: [email protected]
EBAY : http://stores.shop.ebay.com/ACURA-OF-RENO
I would follow Tim's advice. I bought mine in the past from Tim at Ray Laks, and as everyone said, it's easy to do. Probably one of the easiest things to fix on the car.