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OEM Injectors 240cc & 360cc

8 October 2001
St. Louis, MO
I have Two sets of OEM 240cc injectors for early model NSX's, both sets have less than 40,000 miles on them and have already been cleaned and serviced. One set by RC engineering and the other set by PUR Performance. Both sets have new O-Rings and filters and are ready to install

I also have a third set of Honda JDM 360cc Prelude SiR Injectors, these are the injectors that were shipped with the 9lb CTSC kit installed on my car, I have since made a few additional mods and have exceeded the 360cc injectors. They have also been cleaned and balanced to within 2%.

SET 1 - OEM Stock injectors form a 92 NSX removed at 39,000 miles, cleaned and serviced by RC Engineering. Asking $225.00 plus shipping

SET 2 - OEM Stock injectors from a 93 NSX not 100% sure on mileage but know it is less than 40,000 miles as the car they were removed from still has fewer miles than that, cleaned and serviced by PUR Performance. Asking $200.00 plus shipping

SET 3 - JDM 360cc Prelude SiR Injectors, removed from a 91 NSX with 42,000 miles, shipped with the 9lb CTSC kit, cleaned and balanced to within 2%. Asking $385.00 plus shipping

Please send me a PM if you wish to purchase and do not be surprised if I take a day or two to reach you, all offers will be considered in the order they were received in my PM mail box.

Thank You for your interest.