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OEM System

9 July 2006
I have an oem deck and cd changer.When driving around listening to a cd if I stop and turn off the car when I re start the car the cd won't auto play.The screen shows cd # and track # but nothing happens.If I cycle true a couple of cd's then it will start playing.And the strange thing is that it does not happen every time but more often than none.Anybody know the problem.
I'm surprised no one has replied yet.We must be the only 2 to ever have this problem.
I'm no expert but common sense would lead me to think it is the head unit, the changer or a loose connection.

I'd be trouble shooting by process of elimination. I had two CD changers before I sold my NSX so the first thing I'd do is put in the other changer and see if the problem persists. If it did - then it's either a cable or the head unit. Frankly, I'd suspect the head unit.

Also - you might through out to the group a little more detail about "cycle true (through) a couple of CD's" as that comment may be interpreted a few ways.