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Official Houston NSX sightings

I was working as a volunteer today at the Lamborghini Festival at City Centre and saw an NA1 Grand Prix White NSX with white wheels and aftermarket exhaust parked just outside the display area for the Lamborghini's. Was that anybody on Prime?

My Grand Prix White NSX was parked in the movie theatre parking garage.

Great day for the event....!!!
We saw that car whenever we were having a mini NSX meet at Chachos the other day. I think that's Ara or his wife
ANNOUNCEMENT: Hennessey Venom GT, Porsche 918 and yes, another supercar! The McLaren P1 will be there too! Remember, this is a fundraiser for Max, a 2-year-old young boy who was diagnosed with liver cancer the week before Thanksgiving so we need everyone in their best behavior, take care of the event, respect each other and bring a DONATION! This is a one time event at this location (Billiard Factory) we will have a permanent location early next year.

Nothing firm yet on C & C for 2015


Was next to a white NA1 with white wheels on Eldridge parkway and I-10. Tried to say hi, but I got totally ignore. Lol

Well, that sounds like me. Sorry if I ignored anyone. As I recall, at that intersection my wife and I were trying to figure out which way to go to get to a Christmas Party that we were already 45 minutes late for. We were probably arguing at the time.....LOL!! On the flip side, the valet guys at the Omni Hotel put my NSX at the very first spot outside the hotel door so everyone got a good look. My wife was thrilled to death at everyone ohhhin and ahhhing at the car that we climbed into to speed away.....LOL!!

Hope I didn't hurt any feelings by ignoring anyone......
Spotted a wrapped(red or orange) NSX on i10 heading east yesterday evening as things were getting dark. It was in the lane farthest to the left.
Just drove onside a red NSX with silver wheels off Jones Rd around 2:30pm. Tried to wave and say hello but the driver looked really focused. lol Very clean looking car.

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that was Me!! its dipped. for now. big changes coming for it.

There was too much traffic to get up close but it looked good man. Congrats
Hey brooklyn how's it going this is victor we met on i-10. Sorry for making it short my girl was with me that night. We just took the nsx for some gas and decided to take the long way home. During that moment every one was trying to race me. Usually i would but my girl was with me and she tends to freak out. By the time i we pull over and the valet fucking with us. Had to cut it short. U done any work on yours? Do u plan to? Come by my shop here on 12345 bellaire @auto rite we do paint and body work and mechanical. I work on my nsx at the shop as well. When u got time come by.