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Oil Drain Bolt Problem

16 December 2007
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I was doing an oil change this evening, everything went fine up until I tried to re-install the drain bolt. It just wont tighten!! I have the torque rench set correctly but the bolt just doesnt tighten up. Upon inspection of the bolt there doesnt seem to be a whole lot of thread on it, just a bit towards the head where the new washer is. If I take the washer off the bolt will tighten but I dont want to tighten it up too much just incase I damage something. Anyone ever come accoss this? Does anyone know if the bolt is supposed to be threaded all the way or just a bit?
First thing to do is STOP:). Buy a new bolt and see it if torques up properly. There are some repair kits available to rethread the pan.

Personally, if the new bolt does not tight up, I would replace the pan.

Someone overtorqued the bolt, see it once and a while, mostly not on NSX's though.

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Yeah I've stopped, been looking closley at the bolt and there only seems to be one thread on it, and its not the best either! I had a look and feel at the oil pan threads which seem to be ok, so I hope its just the bolt.
get the Spoon magnetic engine & trans drain plug set.
if the threads are stripped in the pan you could also get an oversized drain bolt , they are designed to "self tap" the hole
While I was changing the oil on my NSX once I also noticed that drain plug couldn't be torqued down properly with my torque wrench. As with yours, someone had probably overtightened it at some point.

To ensure that could never happen again I bought a Fumoto F-106 engine oil drain valve (see here). Changing the oil is easier now, the valve doesn't leak at all, and there is no more drain bolt for anyone to strip.
Got my new magnetic plug today from erick [evof575gtc]and joy!!! It tightened right up ok!!But I'm a bit weary of using the torque wrench to torque it up anymore as I have it on quite tight by hand, and one turn with a spanner, I then tested it with the torque wrench which didnt click off but rather would tighten it up even further. So I think I'll just do it old skool and leave it be and keep a close eye. Out of interest the manual says to tighten to 33lb/ft which seems quite a bit?

Big Thanks as well to erick for the new plug and very speedy delivery!!
the magentic Kics drain bolt came fast.
glad to hear the good news that it fixed the problem.

It sure did!! I also ordered a standard one with Honda at the same time as my order with you, and I'm still waiting for the one from Honda!! lol!!
The 33 ft-lbs is because of the crush washer. I use a torque wrench set at 33 and new crush washer everytime on mine. No problems in 8 years of ownership and all threads are in excellent shape.

I've seen a lot of posyts saying their plug dripped, but in most cases the problem went away when they used the right torque and a new washer.

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My car had the Fram Sure Drain system on it when I got it.
I like it and it seems safe because it has a cap that screws on in case the release valve fails! It is slower to drain the oil, but a Coors light helps!
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I always used a brand new washer from Acura and set the torque wrench as recommended, never had a problem.