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Oil Flow Characteristics

6 June 2004
Los Angeles
Based on all the info I've read is that synthetic oil flows better when cold simply because it doesn't thicken up like the conventional oil.

Does anyone know if the synthetic 10w-30 flow better than the 5w-30 conventional oil during cold/cool temp (60 - 80 F)?

Obviously I am interested in how fast the oil flow to all the bearings during cold start-up.
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++1 That is the best article on motor oil I have ever read. It answers everything and contradicts about 99% of the BS here on Prime lol. For best cold startup protection, you want to use a 0W oil. 0W-30 would be perfect, based on that article. Heck, I might even switch to that from 10W-30.
Been running Amsoil 0W-30 Signature Series in my NSX for the past 3 years (over 30k miles) and it doesn't not burn a single drop. I'll be sending my last oil change results to Blackstone and will post up the results.
It's like a 38 page download, article posted on fearrichat by Dr Hass. Ithink it's like 5 yrs old , but very accurate. I had a 06 four stoke Yamaha snowmobile ,people thought you could not start a 4st at -40 ,they started easier than a 2stroke. We ran 0w-30, excellent article.
Here is the Blackstone report...

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