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oil temp sensor....where?

2 June 2007
hi guys

i mounted an oil temp gauge but i have a problem.
i don't know where i can put the sensor of temperature

anybody who knows?

Some people take out the oil pressure switch (in the filter pedestal)
and use that hole for a temp sensor. Without the switch, the
low-pressure idiot light is disabled (but the stock pressure gauge
still works). The hole for the switch has 1/8"x28tpi BSP threads.
Some temp sensors use that thread, but many temp sensors use
1/8"x27tpi NPT threads instead.

In 2004, I spoke to SoS about their sandwich adaptor; at the time,
they said that if all I was doing was adding a gauge, I could just
drill and tap a hole in the oil filter pedestal, which I did. I forget
why they suggested that instead of the sandwich adaptor; I don't
remember if the adaptor they had then was as thin as the one
they sell now.
The oil adapter on SOS's website requires a remove filter location, or is intended for an external oil cooler, its overkill for a simple gauge installation, as it would require you relocate the oil filter.

A quick and easy solution for oil temp, is to buy an oil drain plug with an integral sensor, then simply replace your drain plug, without any drilling/tapping.
I tapped a thread into the oil pump drain bolt (part number 15233-PC6-000).

I've never heard of anyone needing to open that bolt, so the temperature sensor is never in the way. The bolt is meant to be opened with an allen key, so you can drill that out and tap threads for the temperature sensor in there. In order to mount the bolt without an allen key, you can cut the perimeter to turn it into a regular hex bolt. With a thin-walled hex nut, it mounts right up. If you do that, just make sure 1) you cut as little of the perimeter away as possible to make sure you don't get a leak, and 2) the temperature sensor doesn't extend so far past the threads that it hits the oil pump gears.

I've had mine that way for years and it's never leaked a drop of oil, the oil pressure exactly the same as it's always been, and I don't need to remove it when I change the oil.
Either use a sandwich adapter on the stock oil filter location and use one of the ports on the adapter for the oil press/temp sending unit, or you can remove the stock oil pressure switch on the block and put a T-fitting there - one for the stock pressure switch and the other end for the new sending unit (if you go this route, use a STEEL tee fitting, not brass.. brass will fatigue and eventually crack/break)