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Old question w/ new twist win $10 paypal

15 January 2005
DC Metro area Nokesville
Ok ... Let me start by saying, I am cheap ..real cheap I am asking for knowledge and pictures of the cheapest rim possible that meets my needs.

Vanna show 'em what they win if they succeed...

Ten bucks... pay pal'd to you... no bs

For those of you that have one eyebrow raised here are the requirements..

1 The wheel must be minimalistic.(is that a word???) I should see lots of brakes and rotors.

2. The more bling the better (some of you are fainting now I know ..think what would the bird man like ::if you don’t know who he is you might not get the most points here:: :tongue: )

3. Big lips big lips BIg lips

4. (good) 17/ 18 or (Best) 18/19

5 Must have wide choice of offsets this will go under a Comptech (fake of course) wide body kit

6 TRI spoke need not apply.....

Rules ...
I decide who wins.. :cool:
Must have picture of rim and this contest ends on next Wednesday at 8:00 eastern time.
If you are the winner you must make one last post verifying I paid you.
oh....flame me if you want but read my screen name first.
If you think its going to do some good you are mistaken... :biggrin:
I ordered the Work Termist TM1s in 18x8"/19x10". Front size is going to be a +35 offset with a 1.65" lip. The rear I ordered with a +30 offset with a 3.43" lip. They are 2 piece welded wheels and can be ordered to whatever offset you want.

More info

Before that wheel, I considered:
Work VS-TX, but found out that the rivot pattern is slightly different on the 18" vs. the 19"

More info

and the Work XSA 02C

More info
Knukle Head said:
....uh....whats the price?

You won't like the price of anything that says "Work" on it :)

How about these? Konig Theory in Opal Machined finish:


Thin spokes show off brakes. Plenty of bling. Plenty of lip.

18" front/19" rear combo will run you ~ $770 without tires.
dave22 said:
18" front/19" rear combo will run you ~ $770 without tires.

$100 cheaper if bought from me! :biggrin:

The problem that you have is the wide body NSX. You will need a low rear offset, or run spacers. If you can give me what offset you will need, it will help me big time in finding you a wheel.
Knukle Head said:
niiiice, way to get out of the gate first ....uh....whats the price?

I'm getting a deal and don't know if I should say. But they are all 2 Piece wheels, so you can get custom offsets unlike some of the other cast wheels listed.

Its my experience that to get Custom offsets, you're looking at custom wheels, so you'll have to pay somewhat of a premium. . .then again you drive a premium car.

I think those Work Wheels should be around $2000 without tires for a 18/19" combo.
hey gil I like the axis hero and the wheelguyz wheel how much do they cost ...these two are leading

stevenY ...thats what they said about your mama.. :eek:

ohhhhhhhhhh !!!!! gotcha

Im 33 years old dude, if you want to help, help if you want to crack jokes I would be glad to open another forum and give you a new reason to hate people from the ,"BIG CITY".
dunno what about............

This is my entry. Wadda ya thing dawg!

Why yes they are spinners. No dis ment.......................Dawg!


Or dress your ride these:

check out wheelmax.com or if you are local you can visit the adr wheel place in hayward, CA. u can literally walk in w/cash and make a deal w/someone who works there.

classic style, forged aluminum, hi-polished, clearcoated, warranty, 3 piece quality wheels, for an excellent price ($2000), custom offsets

there is one thing that your missing from your list.. and that is quality. quality plays one of the biggest roles. you can buy a set of rims for $1000.. but then what? a year down the road, they will probably be bent, finish will be no where near new, chrome bubbling (if you go chrome), paint chipping, clearcoat off, whatever the case may be.

My advice, don't take an easy way out. If you cannot afford a high quality wheel, new, then get a preowned set of quality wheels. IN the long run, quality wheels are your best investment.. especially when it comes to resale.

i would hate to see a $1000 set of rims on a 30k-80k car. Please stick with a reputable company, and don't be cheap, especially not with your car.
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