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OMG! Another Real Hero

18 October 2005
Alpine, New Jersey
Unfortunately that guy could have saved 16 kids at once and it wouldn't of reached a fraction of the people that know of the guy who murdered 16.

Awesome story but I would have preferred that I never heard of this gentleman and he could have lived a full life.
I was once again overwhelmed by the bravery and compassion of our soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan. Stories such as this should be dominating our news while the troops are there, instead of much of the lame breaking news events that clog the airwaves. :confused: This story brought me to tears. :frown:

being a family guy & father to young children, i bet he was compelled to act as he did, without giving it much thought. (likely he would have done the same thing in civilian life had he seen it happening at a shopping center.)

such a shame that he had to exchange his life for hers and that his family & friends will be without him in their lives.

I feel so sorry for his children and wife.

He left a good example for them to live up to.
This man was a true American hero. It was a sad day in RI when he was buried.