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OMG!!! The Oasis burned

10 December 2002
I just read in the paper that the Oasis caught fire last week. Thank goodness nobody was hurt, but that sucks. That was a very cool place and a hell of a drive to get there too. Thanks Ojas for the run there last time I was in Austin. Wow, Im so sad over this. I was planning on taking Kay there in a few weeks. :frown: :frown: :frown:

Hopefully they will rebuild it bigger and better.
Wheelman said:
Is that a Gentleman's club? :eek:

It is a restaurant/bar on the side of a cliff in Austin. The sunset is so beautiful that people sit out on the many decks and applaud as it goes down. The food was always just OK but the drinks were good and the view was spectacular.

It was one of the first places I went with my wife who lived in Austin at the time. A shame to hear it is gone.
The owner plans on rebuilding and they are supposed to reopen (not all was burned) later this summer.

yes, food wasn't the best but the views and the drive there though the hills was always worth it.
It will be back

You can watch a news segment with video of the fire and short interview with the owner here. :)



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From www.kvue.com:

Oasis aims to reopen tonight

The Oasis restaurant is expected to open for business, at least partially, at 5 p.m. Friday. Owner Beau Theriot says about a third of the restaurant, the area called the Starlight Terrace, was not damaged in Wednesday morning's fire. He says another third of the restaurant will be remodeled in the next six weeks.
WOW.....That really sucks....I was there last year (July) when I was visiting Steiner Ranch / Falconhead for a possible relocation.

Very nice place..me and the other half did the sunset thing and it was gorgeous!!!

I hope they rebuild it.

Truely Sad. Hope they build it before the next TEXPO :wink: :biggrin: