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One of the worst days of my life !!

20 September 2005
Lisbon, Portugal

today was a day to forget.... worst only if someone lost their life.

my NSX was vandalized...i mean...almost the worst you can imagine....i just arrived at my house, it's 23h55 PM here...

i'm just posting to try to vent some of my hanger (anger!?!) and frustration...

i'll post pics in a couple of days, but for you to know, the damages are:
- hammered taillights and headlights (i had them up)
- hammered wing with a hole and broken 3rd stop
- hammered trunk lid
- hammered hood in 2 or 3 places
- hammered rear bumper
- they must have jumped up and down with the feet on the front valence oppenings resulting in lip trashed, lower valenced ripped from upper cover
- hard dents on front fenders, left and right
- every panel keyed to the aluminium (including the roof) ... i can even see the various OEM paint layers

i think the only thing untouched on the car are the glasses (rear hatch, side windows and windshield) and the rims/tires combo.

everything happened at my mothers condo parking lot..a place where i lived until 7 months ago, when i married.

well.... life goes on.... i'll go to bed now...to the arms of my lovely wife.

Oh man... that really sucks Nuno. Sorry to hear. :frown: Do you have any idea who may have done this? did you make a police report?
very sorry to hear about this incident!!!! Karma will catch up to them!!!! Sleep well and know that tomorrow you will wake up to your loving family! There is more to life than a car!!! Good luck resolving all this...
We all feel your pain on this side of the ocean. As others have already said, it's just a car, but....................... I hope that you're able to get it back to the way it was, or better and Karma gets the SOB's that did this. It just goes to show you that no matter where in the world you live, there are jerks everywhere. Tomorrow will be a better day!!!
The sick thing is, they are probably still laughing about it.:mad: Sick f**ck's. There is a place in hell for those kind. If you catch em, maybe you can speed up that process. My condolences.:frown:
So sorry to hear.
That is very, very sad. Will the police in your area spend any significant time and resources to investigate?

Also, please don't post pictures... I couldn't bear to see the senseless damage.
That is horrible!

Best of luck in getting things resolved. Any security cameras in the area?
I'm so sorry to hear that!
Hopefully insurance will cover everything.
Any parking lot cameras around?

Do you think it was a jealous woman who was mad that she did not get picked?

"everything happened at my mothers condo parking lot..a place where i lived until 7 months ago, when i married. "

All the best,

Nate in DC
Sorry to hear that.
It pissed me off so much when someone stole my GS-R but this is soo much worse! I'm SO very sorry about this and it just angers me more and more that these aholes get away with such stupidity. There is NO reason or motive for this which makes it worse. It was just to hurt another human. Fuck with a lexus or Ferrari, leave the precious X alone. They probably don't even know the cars history or material -_-. I am so very sorry, please let us know if we can help :-\.

first of all thanks for all your support.

i'm here just because i just woke up and can't go to sleep again, it's about 5am here... so, to prime i come :biggrin: :biggrin:

i'll try to answer your questions:

no idea here... nothing justifys this kind of behavior...on top of that, i've done nothing that would still cause this kind of reaction...i'm a very peacefull guy... only guess is one of 2 causes: pure envy or bunch of kids acting cool to the group.
about the police... i did the most i could, filed a claim against unknowns :redface:

nsxnoob and RPM217:
i know it's just a car... life won't come to an end...but it's my car, NSX or not, so i want it in one piece... there is just no respect for other's property.
and yes...jerks are everywhere... we got to live with them...

yeap...i'l gladly would hipersonic speed up the process... i mean, if i got someone doing this, i think i ended trashing the car allround with his/their head... but the problem is that i would be ina bigger problem than him/they... it would be hard to hold myself...

yes...they will investigate, but there isn't a shred of proof that points in anyones direction... so i think any efforts won't produce a result...i think that even no CSI action would help here :wink:
and if you guys find better that i won't post pictures, then i won't.... not to act cold on this, but it's not a problem for me....the harm is already done..

no security cameras... it's a residential area, a public parking lot in a street... not a place that you would pass by...you're there on pourpose (?!!?) as in if you live there.

yes...i've got this covered by insurance...but the problem is the value they cover... here the insurance value is a lot different from the market value, and the insurance companys don't have to support the difference...so you guys have an idea, 50000EUR won't get me a 97 NSX, a 91 cost arround 30000 to 35000EUR but my insurance company assign a value of 23000EUR to my NSX and only cover damage up to 70% of that value...go figure :frown: :frown:
i don't think that kind of jealous caused it... i think envy is the way to go...and that anyone could quietly have...

Dtrigg, manh3, Big Vancehu:
thanks very much..

i agree on the ignorance of the NSX history...but then again, who do this kind of things have ignorance as their middle name...ther isn't much you guys can do..but i appreciate the offer...greatly..

thanks guys..from my heart,
reminds me of that scene in the movie "Christine" when the bad guys hammer the sh*t out of the car...too bad the car cant find these low lives one by one and make them pay, just like in the movie.
Really sorry to hear about this. But i like how you ended your first post "to the arms of my lovely wife". Kudos for looking on the bright side.
Nuno - I feel so bad for you! This act is just disgraceful!

Try to put it past you if you're able to but I know its tough...maybe think of this as a way to modify your car to the way you'd want to. Perhaps the insurance company will help?

I'm a firm believer in Karma. Theirs will come to them soon don't worry!
Really sorry to hear about this. But i like how you ended your first post "to the arms of my lovely wife". Kudos for looking on the bright side.


I still hate how ignorant people can get away with such senseless immature non-sense. Gah! So much energy and time that could be used the the opposite way, waste of life...
I'm sorry to hear that as well. Are you going to fix the car or get another NSX?

In the end. You have to step back and realize the big picture, it's just a car. And you can get another.

I hope the road to repair/replacement goes well.

Wow, very sorry to hear of this incident.:frown:
Nothing irritates me more than for someone to destroy a piece of property that can't defend itself.:mad:
If you have a problem with someone, be a man and confront them face to face. But to pick on a innocent, defenseless object is so childish.:mad:
Wow, that is unbelievable. Sorry to hear about it.
I don’t believe in Karma so unfortunately that doesn’t help.
But it might console you a little to know they won’t get laid.

My simple logic is this (with the emphasis on “simple”:rolleyes: ):
For sure these guys that did that don’t have a good car or anything other good things, otherwise they would know how people feel about their stuff and wouldn’t have done this senseless and destructive thing. So obviously they don’t have nice things. They also don’t have a girlfriend otherwise they would have their hands full already and not been out so late.
Girls (and people in general of course) know when a person is shitty and does childish and destructive things like that.
So they won’t get laid very often and that is nice to know.
I'm very sorry to hear this! :(

The panels are very expensive. If you go the Downforce route you can save some money over the OEM parts. I know of some panel for sale in Europe. As I'm in Europe too let me know.

Again, sorry to hear this.
Hello Nuno,

I am Truly, Very Very Sorry to read about what happened.

Just reading your post already gets my anger up wanting to smash the heads of those guys :mad: :mad: :mad:

And then to think you have only one of the very very few NSX's in Portugal.

Personally, already get nervous when people park close to my car and getting it vandalised like that is one of my worst nightmares.

There were a few guys in the UK some time ago who did something like that on a Gallardo. They were stupid enough to film the whole thing and put in on the internet and got caught that way. Maybe these idiots will do something similar and get got as well.

I hope you will get your NSX back in order.