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Ordering OEM Parts and Backorder Discussion

2 August 2021
I'm posting because I believe this will bring up some good discussion on OEM part ordering for other rookies - given COVID and now my '91 is 30 years old.

Do you Primers trust these "OEM" websites for authentic OEM parts and have any feedback on your experiences? I'm also wondering other's opinions on what OEM part availability will be like over the next 5 years and the impact of COVID.

My situation:
I'm nursing my late father's '91 back to health. I removed the Left tail light assembly to clean and replace the gaskets.
After baking the headlight to open and clean the assembly, some of the internal plastic snapped.

I went ahead and ordered replacement OEM tail light assemblies from oemacuraparts.com.
They only have the Left in light assembly in stock, and the right + gaskets are on back order expected on 9/20/21.

My concern is ordering the L tail light and it not being exact (maybe some yellow tinting where the blinker is, wrong plastic material, etc..) and/or ordering the R tail light after from the same website and it not matching the L tail light I ordered.

oemacuraparts and acurapartsforless have been staples for MANY owners over the last decade +. OEMAcuraParts is the Acura dealership in Peoria, Az and AcuraPartsForLess is an Acura dealership in NJ. Both are very reputable and are selling you actual, authentic, OEM parts. Both also have a discount for NSXCA members.

Other reputable OEM parts sellers are MITA Motorsports, Christian with ATR Racing, and Amayama.

I would have ZERO reservations about buying a Left taillight now and then getting the Right one in a month.
The taillight gasket can be used on either side...the handedness difference is non critical.

Yes, the OEM sources are great. Also include amayama.com in your list.
I have ordered from Delray Acura (acuraoemparts.com). The parts have always been genuine OEM parts. I expect the two other vendors listed will be the same. For me, ordering directly from Amayama.com has been the lower cost / faster way to get parts. Three months ago, because of reduced air freight carriers because of Covid 19 restrictions, Amayama had prohibitively high shipping costs or very very long shipping times (if it went by surface mail). If you check out Amayama, pay close attention to the shipping cost details and the notes as the shipping cost situation may be in flux.

Last time I ordered from Amayama, it was for some retainer clips for my door latches that were out of stock in North America. I paid a seriously high cost for the shipping; but, I had them in 3 or 4 days. I could have ordered them from my local dealer for list price; but, even with critical back order status they were still talking a 3 - 4 months wait for delivery. Check; but, I don't think there are any guarantees around that 'expected by date' when ordering through dealer sites. For me, a high price 'clip in the hand' was worth it since I could not open the door from the outside of the car with out it.